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 Marie Morrell

Teaching Life Skills The Most Precious Gift You Can Give A Human Being

Teaching Life Skills  The Most Precious Gift You Can Give A Human Being

Definition Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour enabling you— as humans—to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of your daily life, in our constantly changing environment. Life Skills Benefits For All Ages Life skills provide you with new ways of solving problems; help you to recognize the impact of your actions […]

 Jenni MacDonald

Jenni MacDonald discusses Chip Mortgages

Jenni MacDonald discusses Chip Mortgages

In her latest column Jenni MacDonald talks about CHIP mortages: You may have heard about a Reverse Mortgage product called “CHIP”. There is a lot of misinformation about this great mortgage product because of some reverse mortgage schemes in the United States. This product can be useful for yourself or for your parent. Let me […]

 Melanee Morin

The Art of Downsizing with Peter Walsh

The Art of Downsizing with Peter Walsh

With the rising temperatures and sense of renewal, spring is the quintessential time for cleaning and brightening up our homes from our winter hibernation. While a thorough cleaning is always beneficial, one of the most important things you can do to improve the ambiance, organization, and comfort of your home is downsizing your possessions. Peter […]

 Marlene Baker

Positevely Marlene

Positevely Marlene

Hello There and Welcome to SPRING everyone of you that is reading the ever so popular and positive filled paper, ~ The Seeker~ this week. Tis the season that is so longed for…Especially for we Canadians. As the last of the snow melts away by the SPRING rain and then moves elsewhere, it allows the […]

 Josee Sauve

Tax Tip #5 from columnist Josee Sauve

A lot of people think or are told and believe that they can deduct the expenses they incurred during the course of their employment (uniforms, safety boots, First Aid courses, parking etc.). The truth is that none of these can be claimed on your income tax return. Schedule 1 already provides individuals with the Canada […]

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