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 Marie Morrell

It Is Never To Late To Say Sorry

People tend to view an apology as a sign of weakness of character; actually it requires great strength. Offering a genuine apology and having it accepted is one of the most profound interactions of civilized people. An apology is a powerful tool to restore damaged relationships between two people or a group of people, even […]

 Marlene Baker

Positively Marlene

Dear ~Seeker~ Readers, I really hope that you all have survived this crazy Spring weather. Mother Nature sure has been giving us a mixed bag of weather this year. But I do feel now that it is the middle of May, she should be settling down to calmer and more peaceful weather days. Dear ~Seeker~ […]

 Melanee Morin

The Book Nook

Bradbury’s novel was first published in 1953, but its themes are prescient and resonate even more in today’s society. Director Ramin Bahrani had always been a fan of the prophetic novel, but said that “two years ago, as I looked at the world around me, it seemed like the ideal time to do a modern […]

 Lorraine Driscoll

6 Ways to Develop Auditory Memory

In previous articles, I explained how poor working memory can affect learning, attention and reading comprehension. Some children simply have a weak working memory because of undeveloped lower brain levels or because it is not practiced. Memorization exercises are the starting point in developing a strong working memory. This week I will explain how you […]



Sue could sleep through a war. Lightening storms, smashing garbage can lids in the middle of the night, squealing brakes on a dirt road that would be the end to any number of old biddies, but are just a pillow toss for my number one fan. I on the other hand am a jittery sort […]