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 Lisa Gray

Good Seed with Lisa Gray

Good Seed with Lisa Gray

“This story and others written by members of the Cornwall Writer’s Society was gifted to the crew of the Polar Prince, Canada’s C3 expedition that toured the coast of this great country for Canada’s 150th Birthday. It was an much an honour to share it then as it is now” Let There Be Love Where do you find […]

 Gilbert The Beagle

Gabbing With Gilbert – Feed Me !

Gabbing With Gilbert – Feed Me !

 I’ve been living large since moving to my new home. My humans feed me everyday and give me treats. There’s one thing that I like more than food and treats though…. TRASH!!! Its not easy getting in the trash bin without getting caught, in fact, its mission impossible! But I’m a professional at what I […]

 Marie Morrell

It Is Never To Late To Say Sorry

People tend to view an apology as a sign of weakness of character; actually it requires great strength. Offering a genuine apology and having it accepted is one of the most profound interactions of civilized people. An apology is a powerful tool to restore damaged relationships between two people or a group of people, even […]

 Marlene Baker

Positively Marlene

Dear ~Seeker~ Readers, I really hope that you all have survived this crazy Spring weather. Mother Nature sure has been giving us a mixed bag of weather this year. But I do feel now that it is the middle of May, she should be settling down to calmer and more peaceful weather days. Dear ~Seeker~ […]

 Melanee Morin

The Book Nook

Bradbury’s novel was first published in 1953, but its themes are prescient and resonate even more in today’s society. Director Ramin Bahrani had always been a fan of the prophetic novel, but said that “two years ago, as I looked at the world around me, it seemed like the ideal time to do a modern […]