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Eating Locally at Marrow & Spice

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Photo: Mike and Roger – the 2 familiar faces behind the counter at Marrow and Spice.

At Marrow & Spice, not only do we work hard to supply food that is local and ethically produced, we are also devoted to offering Real Food made from Real Ingredients.

We specialize in foods have a Caribbean or Thai flair but we can create any item that you desire, including catering to different dietary needs and restrictions!

If you have stopped in for lunch or dinner already you know some of our delicious menu items and fresh daily soups, but did you know that we also make healthy entrees for you to take home and enjoy throughout the week? Our list of customers that subscribe to our “Meal Plans” keeps growing, as our entrees are made with the same fresh local whole food ingredients and love of flavour that you have come to know in our daily lunches, individually packaged and frozen ready for you to take home or to work and enjoy. We are happy to create vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Vegan meals as well!

Whether you just don’t feel like cooking, you need to provide meals for someone who isn’t well, or you have special dietary needs or allergies, Marrow & Spice has delicious meals to offer: No refined grains? No problem! Avoid specific sugars or spices? We will still make it taste good! No meat or dairy? We do that too!

We do all the work putting together a meal plan that is wholesome, healthy, and easy to prepare. Just reheat and eat! Many of our meal plan customers have commented that they feel better and lose weight eating Marrow & Spice meals – real and fresh ingredients, preservative-free, and tasty.

Currently in stock and ready to go home with you tonight:

– Turkey dinner 
- Thai Coconut Chicken – Lamb Chops – Red Thai Curry
 – Pad Thai (traditionally made from scratch just like in Thailand)
 – Penne Pasta with Sausage (mild sausage in a spicy tomato sauce served over pasta)
 – Caribbean Stewed Chicken over rice
 – Curried Goat over Rice
 – Chicken Fricassee with Spaghetti Squash
 – Penne Alfredo (a mild creamy cheese & herb sauce served over penne noodles)
 – Pork Chops and Mashed Yams – Beef and Red Beans – and more, just tell us what you would like!

We also offer our homemade soups, bone broths, and soup broths in single or family portions! Come into the store and talk to Roger about your meal requirements and let us take the worry and the work out of healthy eating!

Marrow and Spice specializes in local pastured meats, high in Vitamin K2. Call ahead to reserve at 933-3330 

Marrow & Spice (call us – we do Catering!)

“The All Year Round Indoor Farmers Market!”

Unit 40, 812 Pitt Street 613-933-3330

Store hours are 10 until 6 Tuesday through Friday, and 10 until 4 on Saturdays….

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