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Eating Locally at Marrow and Spice

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When Summer comes, we get really busy at Marrow and Spice. Festivals, competitions, catering jobs, everyone wants to eat and celebrate the weather. Local producers arrive every day with their products for the store, the farm markets come alive again, and all around everything is green and growing! Even with all of the business, Roger and Yada still manage to prepare two amazing entrees and stunning soups everyday for you.

New products in the store include Uncle Jim’s Hot Pepper Jellies, and the produce of Bonville Garden.

As we did last summer, we have taken on a summer student. Kaitlynn (in photo above) started yesterday, and has already helped make Maple Chicken sausage, Medium Italian Chicken sausage, and fermented veggie recipes.

The people are what really make the difference at Marrow and Spice, each bringing their own outlooks, interests, and talents, and together they make a great team, informed and personable.

I am sure that as summer progresses Kaitlynn will continue to learn more recipes and kitchen techniques, and Yada has become an indispensable right hand, learning all kinds of Canadian cooking techniques to augment her vast knowledge of Thai fare. 

Roger continues to keep Cornwall and surrounds well fed with his meal plans, helping people lose weight, avoid allergens, and generally live better lives. Mike just runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, shopping, running Roadapple Ranch, working the big jobs with Roger, attending the farm markets, and learning more cooking secrets from Roger in his spare time.

Behind the scenes, Kim and Denise keep a close eye on the goings on, telling the rest of us what needs to be done differently, making sure that the bookkeeping is up to par, ordering new products to try, analyzing Roger and Mike’s ideas, and adding the female touch that just is not present in the store if Roger and Mike are left alone.

Of interest lately, Roger has come up with three new fermented vegetable concoctions, one with beets, one dill, and finally, after so many customer requests, plain old Sauerkraut. We also have a stream of fruit coming in from the Niagara Peninsula, currently Cherries, Apricots, and Currants.

Drop into the store when you can, and tell us what you DON’T see that you would like to be able to buy. We will search out what you need, and find the nearest source that produces a quality product.

Finally the nice weather is here and we love seeing people eating out on the patio again!

and we want you to know that we will have fresh, local, Drug-Free Chicken in the store again Wednesday through Saturday next week …

Marrow & Spice (call us – we do Catering!)

“The All Year Round Indoor Farmers Market!”

Unit 40, 812 Pitt Street 613-933-3330

Store hours are 10 until 6 Tuesday through Friday

and 10 until 4 on Saturdays….

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