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Hair Force One – Live at La Maison Tavern / The House – Cornwall

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November 25, 2017 @ 9:30 pm
La Maison Tavern / The House
900 Montreal Rd
Cornwall, ON K6H 1C8
$15 in advance and at the door
Hair Force One - Live at La Maison Tavern / The House - Cornwall @ La Maison Tavern / The House | Cornwall | Ontario | Canada

CORNWALL – ARE YOU READY?!?!?! Are you ready to leave all (or most) of your mundane responsibilities for a 4-5 hour period and be transported back to 1985 where you can re-live your BEST party days???
Come and join Cousin Sergei, Hugh Jorgan, Kraven Mohrhead, Dick Fitzwell, Rod Gozinya and Iamza Faulker for a night you won’t forget – or, that you’ll have to try hard to remember.
(Disclaimer: Advil, Sitters and a free sick day on Monday not included. Some side effects include (but are not limited to): not being able to get these songs out of your head, ringing of the ears, post euphoria experience and participants not wanting to come back to the future and/or present day. If any of these conditions are experienced HF1 recommends you attend our next show immediately).

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