Mandee Woods 6 song EP Transformation will be released November 10th

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Mandee Woods Transformations

Cornwall Ontario — This year Mandee Woods has played at Lift-Off and Waterfest. She has even shared the stage with April Wine drummer Roy Nichol. Now Roy Nichol is producing her long awaited album Transformation. It is a six song EP length album of all original songs. The album is scheduled to be released on November 10th.

Mandee Woods Waterfest 2014

Jason Setnyk of The Seeker spoke to Mandee Woods and asked her these three questions.

1. What was the inspiration for the album title “Transformation” – what does it mean to you?

“Transformation” for me signifies how I have evolved from “wanting” to be a singer, and “wanting” to be a songwriter to actually doing it. My musical aspirations are finally transforming into something I’ve longed for and worked hard at for a long time. I have been singing and writing since my early teenage years, and I think it’s safe to say I am becoming the artist I’ve striven to be.

2. What has it been like playing shows like Lift Off and Waterfest this year, and sharing the stage with April Wine’s drummer Roy Nichol?

First off, just to have Roy Nichol as a producer and band-mate has been a very humbling experience. There have been times while sitting in the studio watching him work on my music, my eyes fill with tears of appreciation and gratitude. The team of musicians he has put together are no joke. These guys have some serious talent. I couldn’t of dreamt up a better team to bring my music to life. Some of these songs on the EP, I wrote when I was a teenager. I’ve been playing them acoustically around campfires for years. Having him join me on stage, playing the songs that I wrote. You couldn’t ask for more. Playing shows like Lift off and Waterfest for me was a great experience, and for me a great learning tool. I hope to one day play even bigger stages and to reach out to an even bigger audience. Being raised in a bigger city (Ottawa), I am very grateful for the support I’ve found here in Cornwall.

3. What is next for Mandee Woods? Cd Release? Any note worthy upcoming events?

The sky is the limit from here. I’ve learned a lot of really valuable lessons throughout this whole process. I’ve learned how much work is involved into having your art come to fruition. I will be spreading my wings once this Cd is released. This is just the beginning for me. To me, its kind of like a job interview where people can see what I can do and see (and hear) what I’m about as an artist. I really want to get my music out there. What artist doesn’t dream of hearing their songs on international radio, and to have people you don’t even know sing your lyrics? As for a Cd release party, I am unsure at this time if I want to take that route.

November 7th, I’ll be playing an event called “Crafting a Cure”. The whole band will be joining me for this event. (Roy Nichol, Peter Nichol, Julie Fortier and Mike Tessier). This event sponsors the JDRF foundation and will be held at the Cornwall Civic Complex in the salons downstairs. The event runs from 7pm-11pm. This is a pretty big fundraising event for JDRF, as they are expecting an attendance of over 350 people. This will be a great show for a great cause. Those in attendance that evening will have to opportunity to get an advanced copy of my EP. For more info on upcoming shows and announcements you can visit my website @ .

Mandee Wood’s next show is this Friday at the Jetset Pub:

Mandee Woods Oct 3rd 2014 concert

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