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Effort to save River Kings falls short

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Rodney Rivette 25000

Cornwall Ontario – The LNAH gave Rodney Rivette and his group until Monday August 29th at 4 p.m. to come up with $370,000 to save the Cornwall River Kings.

Over $100,000 was raised, however the goal of $370,000 was not reached. The Cornwall River Kings have officially folded.

Here is a statement from Rodney Rivette on social media:

“We have not met the requirements needed to save our River Kings. I promise you that it wasn’t for lack of effort. As stated I will return the cheques and money received. We will be calling everyone to arrange pickups. Calls are starring shortly. Before we go I want to thank the fans that did put their money to save the team. I also wish to thanks the volunteers who spent hours trying to save the team. I will have an official thank you post once I have a few hours to decompress. The first thing I want to do is get everyone their cheques and cash back. Please bring your receipts in if you paid by cash. Also a giant thank you for the patience of the LNAH. They allowed us to try and save our team. They have been so helpful in our bid. It’s unfortunate that we did not reach our goals”.

The effort to save the team caught the attention of CTV who covered Rodney Rivette and his group’s effort.

Over the weekend it was reported that River Kings coach Bob Desjardins said the players had agreed to play their first regular season game at home for free if the team was saved.

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