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MPP Jim McDonell says Life More Unaffordable for Motorists Under Liberals

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MPP Jim McDonell Cornwall Ontario 2016

Cornwall Ontario – Ontarians will pay more to renew their license plate stickers beginning September 1st.

“The Liberal Government is forcing Ontarians to pay for over a decade of mismanaged public finances” MPP Jim McDonell stated. “Since 2003, the Liberals have doubled the amount of taxes and fees they collect from us, yet they have nothing to show for it but a doubled debt load.

This is just another tax on Ontarians who are already feeling the pressure of rising electricity bills, loss of well-paying jobs across the Province and the rising cost of living.

In many parts of Ontario, especially rural areas such as Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, driving is not a choice – it is a necessity. Ontarians are tires of footing the bill for Premier Wynne’s waste,” said MPP Jim McDonell.

The new rates in effect September 1st of $120 and $60 in Southern and Northern Ontario respectively will mark a 62% increase in passenger vehicle license registration fees since the current Government took office. In 2003, a one-year sticker for a passenger vehicle cost $74 in Southern Ontario and $37 in Northern Ontario.

“The Liberals must realize that Ontario residents are not Premier Wynne’s ATM” MPP McDonell added. “Passenger vehicle sticker rates have grown more than 2.5 times faster than inflation since the Liberals came to power.

This Government has a spending problem and it is forcing ordinary families to pay for it. Under this Liberal Government, life has become much more expensive in Ontario and the license increase is just the latest excess.

The Government must reverse course on its continued nickel-and-diming of Ontarians,” MPP Jim McDonell concluded.

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