Julia Lucio

Agree to Disagree – Happy New Year

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2018 has been a heck of a roller coaster ride and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

It was a year of rebirth and transformation here at The Seeker. We’ve moved to a different print format and changed frequency.

The changes have been emotional. They were also very scary. There was no way to know how they would be received by our readers and advertisers, making the whole thing nerve-racking.

But after 5 months, we now know that you have all welcomed the new format with open arms. You are finding it easier to read, more vibrant and you love the quality. We still are offering the same great content, you still can find your favourite columns, but we have also implemented a “flip” magazine side, which you all fell in love with.

Our online readership has also exploded, getting an average of 1500 unique visitors daily– That’s 1500 souls reading our content EVERY DAY.

Our subscriptions for delivery have increased tremendously, showing us that you have fully embraced our changes.

But here, this change has come with mixed emotions.

It is hard, when you have put so much work into something, to admit that it may need to be tweaked. It’s difficult to let go, take a leap of faith and jump!

But we did it! We jumped!

And we landed just fine. As you are reading this, in the first few days of 2019, here are my few words of wisdom. Don’t be afraid of change; welcome it. Live large, never wait till later, the time is now. Life is too short, you never know what tomorrow will bring, just do whatever your dreams lead you to. Not very original, I know, but all true. I hope you make 2019 a year of action.

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