5 Questions with Jack Lindsay, running for city councillor

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1 – Tell the voters a bit about yourself. What skills and experience would make you a good candidate for Councillor? Also, why are you running for Council?
Having grown up in and being a 50 year resident of Cornwall. I am passionate about the city of Cornwall and wish to see it grow and flourish to its’ true potential.  I am bilingual I will bring 30 years of management practises, My mind works in numbers and efficient practices. As project manager, plant manager, and knowledge of human resources;  I can see that our tax dollars need to be utilized a lot more efficient. Council must remember our senior citizens. I will be proactive councillor reviewing existing programs with city departments and senior groups with the full intention of making improvements. We also as a new city council . need to find ways to keep post graduates in Cornwall. these young residents need council to focus on their needs, to brainstorm ideas with them,  and implement those ideas to meet their needs.
2 – In what ways could we improve Economic Development and how can we make Cornwall a friendlier city for small businesses?
We need to work together to put Cornwall on the map, we need to be noticed ; so outsiders are intrigued by and want to visit our city, start businesses, and be excited about the prospects of living and starting a family here. I will make smart, and calculated policy decisions that are in the best long- term financial interests of our city with a focuss on infrastructure and enhancing quality of life in our community. Investments in our physical and social infrastructure are a must if we are to control costs and make the city of Cornwall a truly attractive, prosperous and safe place to raise a family or start a business.
3 – What is your vision for arts and culture? Would you support the building of an Arts and Culture Centre in Cornwall? How should that centre be paid for?
I would support an arts and culture center, having an arts culture center would be great for the city however cots are needed to be addressed how the funding would be shared, this could be dealt and decided with the citizens of Cornwall and the newly elected council. we need an arts and culture center.
4 – Do you support keeping any tax increases to a bare minimum? If so, where would the savings come from, and would you support reducing some services? If you do not support keeping tax increases to a minimum, explain why.
Wasteful spending of our tax dollars needs to end. Contractors and all parties dealing with the city of Cornwall need to held accountable, responsible, and on budget. Socio-economic efficiencies need to be implemented within all departments to save our tax dollars.  Several thousand  good paying jobs have left or been lost in Cornwall in the last 20 years and with that we have lost a huge industrial tax base, resulting in Cornwall’s residents inheriting a hefty tax burden, and high social challenges. So my position on taxation is that over the next term, council must keep any increases in line with inflation.
5 – What has been the biggest accomplishment at City Hall over the past four years OR what has been the biggest issue of concern at City Hall over the past four years?
In my opinion, council as been more interested in condos rather then forging ahead trying to attract bussiness to Cornwall.  If elected I would  utilize my experience from efficient manufacturing and project management world – I will implement a forward thinking strategy and work towards putting together a business acquisition team where a task force of business minded promoters will find and attract investment groups to the city of Cornwall. This team will be actively involved in selling the advantages of doing business in our city. Outside investors need to be offered attractive yet responsible incentives to relocate to Cornwall and set up their companies, future factories, manufacturing plant and offices.
 Jack Lindsay
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