5 of the Best Looking Online Slot Games

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Online gambling has exploded in recent years. Smartphones, faster internet, and the constantly increasing power of computing devices have made iGaming at home not just viable, but a lot of fun. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of online slots, or pokies as they are sometimes called.

Slot games were always some of the most popular, so it’s only natural that including the various themes, colours, and bonuses only possible through modern technology and a competitive marketplace would lead us to into a new age of choice and fun. In this list, we’ll go over five of the best looking slot games for your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Looks not just your thing? Don’t worry, there is more than enough variety out there for those with different tastes, whether you’re after the most popular online slots of 2017, the slots most suitable for mobile gaming, or those with the most complex bonus structures. Choice is the name of the game here, and we online gamers are not left wanting.

Number 5: The Rift

We’ll start off with a simple one here. Rift, from Thunderkick, is not a game which aims for the flashiest graphics in the world, but it doesn’t need to. By keeping a focus on a simple and clean look, this is a slot game which minimizes clutter and works perfectly for long game sessions and those of us with tired eyes. That’s not to say that what exists is not of incredibly high quality, it is, but this is a game which doesn’t overwhelm the player, and for that we love it.

Number 4: Beauty and the Beast

Source: Yggdrasil

Based on the well- known tale, Beauty and the Beast is a slot game brought to us by the very talented team over at Yggdrasil. Games based off of previously existing properties are common in the world of online pokies, yet few of these manage to attain the level of quality reached by Beauty and the Beast. Stylised, colourful, and with a look all of its own, this is not a game to miss.

Number 3: DJ WÏLD

If you are the type of gamer who loves bright and flashy colour then look no further than this one from ELK. If the clubs in Ibiza had slot games in the middle of the floor then this is the exact type of game which would fit their themes perfectly. Great sound, great look, and a great game, what’s not to love?

Source: Elk Studios

Number 2: Aliens

You know the films, now check out the game. This entry from NetEnt is certainly not the type of game put on this list for its pretty colours, but rather it was selected for how well it ties to the source material. A large part of this is found in the amazing quality bonus games which somehow manage to capture some of the tension of the films and combine it with the thrill of winning big. There is a reason NetEnt is one of the biggest names in the business, and this game perfectly illustrates why.

Number 1: Matsuri

Source: Playn’ Go

Our number one pick for the prettiest slot game. Matsuri, from Play’n Go, is not overly complex, based simply on shared ideas of the Japanese festival. This game combines some of the brilliant colours of Japanese culture and lantern lighting with the relaxing dark purple of the coming night’s sky. Simple when it wants to be, beautiful when it needs to be, this is a game which all fans of good looking slot games should not miss.

Which is your Favorite?

The great thing about online slot games is that there are many websites which offer free trials of the games on offer. This means that you can check out all of what is available above without having to spend a dime. Then, once you have one you like, jump into one of the many online casinos and try your luck for real.

Good luck, and happy gaming.

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