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Patenaude Martial Arts School is offering classes for kids, men and women in Kung Fu, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kick Boxing (Shanshou), Grappling, Weapons, Women’s Kick Boxing and Fitness.

Founded in 1998 by owner and head instructor Sifu Joel Richer, PMA gives their award winning students the opportunity to learn discipline and personal development while having fun in good surroundings.

Sifu Joel comments, “It’s all about having fun, come and try it out and all your questions will be answered.” Look for the ‘One Month Free’ coupon located in the Business Directory of this week’s paper. PMA is open Monday- Saturday from 9:00am to 9:00pm. While you’re there you can browse through a variety of martial arts related clothing, gear and accessories. Everything you need to get you started.

Sifu Joel believes in giving kids a proper chance to start things off on the right foot. He is a partner and sponsor for ‘Race Against Drugs of Cornwall SDG & Prescott Russell’, an organization that educates children about the cause and effect of drug use while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Look for the 19th Annual Racing Against Drugs event on Facebook taking place April 3rd through the 7th of this year.

The event seats up to 400 children per day where they will witness a host of guest speakers and hands on demonstrations. You can also contact Sifu Joel for additional information. Patenaude Martial Arts is Located at 406 Montreal Rd. For more information on classes available for different age groups, hours, cost etc. Please contact the school, 613-937-0139. Information is available online at:

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