Camp Kagama Elects New Board of Directors

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The Annual General Meeting of Camp Kagama was held on January 20, 2018, and with the Board of Directors duly elected and in place, Kagama is ready and eager to offer a new season of summer adventures for youngsters. Camper registration is open with the camp session dates in detail on our website  at . There are camps just for girls or just for boys as well as CoEd camps, restricted to the ages of 7 to 10 for the Junior levels, and 10 to 13 at the Intermediate/Senior levels.


Each camp session offers traditional. overnight adventure programs where children can test their independence, build lasting friendships and uphold values and morals through song and play. Since 1936, Kagama has been a warm supportive community that encourages all to learn more about who they are, express their individuality and grow in self-confidence.


Campers awake each morning to a beautiful scene on the banks of the St. Lawrence, seeing a field of trees and grass as they emerge from their cabin. Each day, campers and counsellors challenge themselves and each other to play hard, create innovative crafts, build warm campfires, explore the water as they swim and canoe, learn about the nature that surrounds then and become part of the family that is Camp Kagama.


For older young people there is the Leadership camp where attendees may pursue certifications in First Aid, Bronze Medallion Life Saving, as well as varied workshops aimed at developing certified skills to become a leader in the future. And for those who already qualify in a leadership role, there are job descriptions and applications for summer staff employment and camp counsellors.


Visiting our website will introduce you to the many aspects of the camp … our facility, our programs and our administration and if there are still some questions to be answered, the Board of Directors will happily respond.



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