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 Sharyn Thompson

Excellent Refrigerator Bran Muffins

My very dear friend Judy had a knee replacement just after Easter. I knew what she was experiencing as I have had both by knees replaced. We are told the drill…take your pain pills and do the exercises. To keep things moving, so to speak, no pun intended haha, I baked some bran muffins to […]

 Sylvie O'Rourke

Spreading a Little Sunshine

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” In my opinion, these words by James Matthew Barrie, a Scottish author best known as the creator of Peter Pan, capture best the rewards of volunteering. Throughout the Cornwall Outdoor Club’s existence there have been many golden opportunities to spread these […]

 Lorraine Driscoll

How Working Memory Influences Learning Disabilities

How Working Memory Influences Learning Disabilities

When I explained working memory to a ten-year-old last week, he said, “I get it. It’s called working memory because it’s the memory you need todo your work.” When working memory is weak your child can appear careless and unfocused. Despite your child’s efforts”they can’t seem to do anything right. A weak working memory influences […]

 Gilbert The Beagle

Gabbing with Gilbert

They came to the shelter on Easter Monday. There was 3 boys and a lady. The boys were small, medium and large. The large guy took one look at me and I could tell he liked me. I looked back, all sheepish and all. I’m always cautious with strangers. I’ve been hurt before. The shelter […]

 Marie Morrell

The Value Of Your Life | Column written by Marie Morrell

The Value Of Your Life | Column written by Marie Morrell

Marie Morrell asks: Have you ever really thought about putting a price tag on a person’s life or on your own? Scott Hildreth quoted: “The value of a person’s life is measured by the number of people they touch in living it. It might seem impossible not to mention ‘unthinkable’ to assign a dollar value to a person’s life. […]