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City of Cornwall Waterfront Master Plan – Successful Public Open House.

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Cornwall, ON – This event was held at the Ramada Inn on Wednesday, June 20th with 2 sessions, 2pm to 4pm and 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

The afternoon session saw a constant flow of people with about 50 in the room at any given time. There were 8 panels set up showing the Waterfront with members of the consulting firm Thinc Design present to discuss concerns or assist the public who attended. (Thinc design is Tocher Heybloom Design Inc. A landscape architecture, planning and urban consulting practice from Toronto. They provide innovative and implementable design solutions for projects which include municipal infrastructure and public realm projects like parks, waterfronts, street- capes plus commercial, multi-residential and institutional properties.)

There was no presentation, one was left to read the panels and at the end panel there were 5 questions.

1. What are the top three favourite activities that you enjoy doing on the waterfront?

2. Are there any improvements that you would like to see on the waterfront?

3. What is your favourite place on the waterfront. Why do you like it?

4. Please complete the following statement “When I imagine Cornwall’s future waterfront, I see …”

5. What are the top three items the waterfront plan should address?

Public could write their answers on yellow stickies and post on the last panel or fill in sheets with their comments to be handed in at the session.

Many people were expecting a presentation with a question and answer period or a time to voice their opinions but as Peter Heybloom explained, this is the initial stage of the Cornwall Master Plan where the public is asked to submit their opinions. His consulting company was hired as a 3rd party, with a fresh outlook and no vested interest. A member of the public said that she had attended another such session where people could talk but because everyone had their own opinion it ended up as an argument so in her opinion this format was much better.

You can still take part in the in this survey by emailing in your comments and answers to the above questions to: by JUNE 29, 2018

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