Deep into it: The Vagina monologues move, anger and humble

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After an enjoyable dinner, great company and some great entertainment, a crew of 11 fantastic women, directed by Brett Desrosiers, took the stage in what was the 20th Anniversary production of the Vagina Monologues.

The play led the spectators through a wide range of emotions, from laughter, to anger.  It shook and humbled.  It empowered and woke up.  It brought up tears and drew up some memories.

The event doubled as a fundraiser for Sexual  Assault Support Services and for V-DAY, a global movement to end violence against women.  Between each act, SASS reported on where the situation is today, in 2018.  The stats were eye-opening. 1 Billion women worldwide have experience some sort of sexual abuse, assault or harassment.  1 BILLION!

Powered by the #METOO movement, this year’s rendition spoke about the Donald Trumps and Harvey Weinsteins of this world and call us to Rise, Resist, Unite!  After recently writing my own #MeToo story, it made me realize that after all these years, I have never really broken down about it.  More importantly, it reinforced the fact that I am not alone.

The event ended with men rising up and reciting the “Man Prayer”, in support and solidarity to all women.

Congratulations to all involved!  Here’s to 20 more!

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