Gilbert The Beagle

Grrr, some competition!

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Gabbing with GilbertI was sitting around minding my own business when all of a sudden, my humans brought me to the car. I was a bit scared, I thought maybe they were bringing me back to where I came from.

After what seemed like days, we arrived at our destination. We were going to visit another dog! I was a bit alarmed when we arrived, this other dog greeted me with a big bark, and as soon as the door opened, there he was, the big goof!

You see I’m not a big fan of other dogs, and it turns out this “visit” was to be a lot more than just that. The big goof got in the car with us and, I’m ashamed to say, I live with him now.

It took me a couple days of adjusting to this guy getting up in my face barking at me, stealing my bed, etc… But eventually I found out my own ways to make him angry. One of my favourite things to do is eat, so I like to take a walk over to his bowl and help myself. He never gets the chance to do this with me, I’m always the first one done.

This goof doesn’t bring much competition to the table, but than again, he is always taking everyone’s attention away from me! What an attention seeker.

I think it’s only because he doesn’t shut up when he wants his way. Anytime he wants to play, he barks. Anytime he hears ANYTHING, he barks. I don’t know if that’s something that I can get used to, I like my peace and quiet, ya know.

So what, he can catch a ball! If I tried, I could too! But that’s the only problem… I don’t try. Who cares about a dumb ball anyways? Not me, that’s for sure!

You should see this ugly dog, I’m the better looking dog without a doubt. Goof is big and hairy and looks like Santa Claus. Me? I’m the most gorgeous dog there is!

My owners give me treats everyday. When Goof moved in, they started giving him one too! Why not just give me both? There are some things I just don’t understand…

I’ve been learning to have a bit of fun with him though, teaching him my ways. My humans yell at me when I climb on the table, so I taught him to climb on the table too! Look who gets yelled at now!

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