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Home Town Hero – Doug Gilmour ” Killer” Book Tour

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The name Doug Gilmour mentioned around this hockey town will send a flood of memories back to one’s mind of an era gone by, when we were young, and serve as witness to a game of hockey redefined in this city, by our own local legend and hometown hero, Doug Gilmour. A hockey player that changed the game of hockey in this town, and re-wrote it’s history.

” We knew him when… we’d tell others, long before he was famous, he was one of us.” We knew greatness when we saw it, and it was in the heart of a player under Cornwall Royals jersey #9.

We’d pack the Cornwall Civic Complex and watched as Gilmour and his teammates would host a on ice clinics for the opposing hockey teams in the league. They left defeated and out-played.

He lit us up. He lit up the community, the team and the league.

He was a team player, period, that earned our respect.

The Cornwall Royals carried us on to win two back to back consecutive President’s Cups in 1980 and 1981, providing some of the best hockey ever played in that rink, and arguably will remain true to date and for a long time coming.
Doug, one-third of one of the most destructive power line ups in the OHL then gave us “The Sid Line”. A stick wielding trio, Steve Driscoll, Ian MacInnes and Doug Gilmour that are responsible for the best hockey memories any little Canadian town could ever hope for… Thanks Woodsie!

The SID line would rack up 436 of 932 points of the entire bench’s 82-82 season. Numbers at the time that were unrivaled by any other OHL line.

We were witnessing history and we knew it, maybe even long before these hockey lads even knew it, how rare and blessed we were to be in the arena during those days, first hand witness to a young man that skated into our hearts and our lives known simply as “Little Gilly”, that would later skate out of the building and into the big leagues identified by a different name, we call him “Killer”.

We knew him first, and this is where his story began.

Killer: My Life In Hockey is in book stores now.

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