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Dear ~Seeker~ Readers, I really hope that you all have survived this crazy Spring weather. Mother Nature sure has been giving us a mixed bag of weather this year. But I do feel now that it is the middle of May, she should be settling down to calmer and more peaceful weather days.

Dear ~Seeker~ Readers, I really hope that you all have survived this crazy Spring weather. Mother Nature sure has been giving us a mixed bag of weather this year. But I do feel now that it is the middle of May, she should be settling down to calmer and more peaceful weather days.

Bring on the ~HOT~ ~Sunshine~ and the Fresh Spring Air Maw Nature we certainly have waited long enough for it to arrive. I truly love this time of year where everything and everywhere you look is blooming with NEW LIFE. I particularly love shearing the return of the Canadian Geese and seeing the pretty faces of the crocus and tulips pushing through the soil to Bloom again for another season. I enjoy being able to see the “baby green” leaves opening up on the many different trees and bushes each Spring.

With the Spring season in full force, it seems that all we see is New Life all around us. The band, ~Led Zappelin~, once wrote that “All that lives is born to die” and although that is a sad statement, it is very much the truth. Not only do we never know when a loved one may pass away, we never know when our own time will come to leave this pretty ball we call Earth. For that very reason, we can never remind loved ones enough, that they are dear to us, and that we are thinking of them. Sadly, this week my dear, sweet Aunt Sheila passed away peacefully in her sleep beside Wayne, the man that she loved. He loved her completely and took wonderful care of her for many years. My Auntie was a simple, country woman who had 3 boys and who was loving, caring and brutally honest. One would never try to lie, or be mean or unfair around her that is for sure. Aunt Sheila would let you know right away quite firmly that you were in the wrong. She will be sorely missed not only by me, but by the rest of the family as well. She was Special in many ways and I will always keep the memory fondly in my heart forever. R.I.P Aunt Sheila. Love Marlene

Do you have friends or family whom you may not have seen in awhile? Why not pick up the phone and give them a call, or better yet, go and spend some time with them. With my Aunt Sheila, my mother’s sister, passing away I am sad that I had not had an opportunity to see or speak with her in quite a while.

But as often happens around death, New Life seems to come along. My third daughter, Ella-Rose, just had a healthy baby boy last Tuesday! His name is Aydin Daniel and he came in weighing a WHOPPING 9 pounds 3 OZS!!! But isn’t that just like Life? Life takes away and gives to us all of the time. The new flowers and grass in our back and front yards are growing like crazy, while not so long ago, we watched as they all withered away just before winter came. Tree leaves pop out in their pale green color, while other trees fall to the forest floor, to be slowly changed back into soil again. Life continues, but in another form, nurturing the next tree to grow in its place, just as human lives begin and end. So wherever you are on the Road of Life, Please remember to tell those whom you love how you feel, and to visit or call those who may live far from you, or even next door. We never know when a day might come when our opportunity to talk with them may be over. Don’t Have regrets… Like, ME. As I get older, I’ve learned that we can balance sad and happy. I’m learning to remain happy during sad times, as there is still plenty to be happy about. We can all learn to balance sadness and gladness, just as nature has its balance.

Tip of the Week On Being and Staying POSITIVE:

1 – Keep your THOUGHTS POSITIVE, because our Thoughts become our Words.
2 – Keep your WORDS POSITIVE. because our Words become our Behaviours.
3 – Keep your BEHAVIOURS POSITIVE, BECAUSE our Behaviours become our Habits.
4 – Keep your HABITS POSITIVE, because our Habits becomes our Values.

Item of the Week: This week I have decided to choose a cool picture on a wooden frame that I happened to buy from the Re -store~ store on Vincent Massey Drive here in Cornwall. John and I were in there to buy some other items (Oh, yes the 2 ceiling lights) and there it was sitting among some other prints near the cash. I loved the subject matter and the colours as they matched my livingroom so I purchased this gem for ONLY $5.00!!! I Love SHOPPING AT THE ~RE-STORE~ FOR UNIQUE & INTERESTING ITEMS AT AN AFFORDABLE COST! Why Don’t You Go & See For Yourselves!

FUN FACTS: Do you know of the many benefits of the little. sunny -yellow, little DANDELION that covers our lawns? Well, First of all DANDELIONS ARE NOT A WEED! They are actually in the same family as the SUNFLOWER. Up into the 1800’s DANDELIONS were known as being very beneficial and people would remove grass to plant more DANDELIONS. Because you see every part of the DANDELION IS EDIBLE! There is 535% of our daily recommended Vitamin K and 112% of Vitamin A in one cup of DANDELIONS. So perhaps you may want to think twice about removing these beneficial flowers from your yards and gardens and look into the recipes and benefits instead. Who wants a boring green lawn, anyway? When you can have Mother Nature provide some brightly coloured DANDELIONs to spruce it up.

FAMILY NEWS: FINALLY MY NEWEST GRANDSON HAS ARRIVED!!! Aydin Daniel was born to Ella Rose & Steven Slack on May 8th weighing in at a WHOPPING 9 Pounds 3 ounces. This makes my 9th grandchild and my 7th grandson. I am so glad to know that Aydin is doing well after a bit of a rough start with some jaundice issues and that both Mommy and Daddy are doing just fine being Aydin’s their first child. May you have many years of Baby Bliss and making many beautiful memories together as a family. Love Always Mom/ Nana

World News: MOTHER’S DAY FELL ON A MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY THIS YEAR FOR ALL OF US, MOTHERS OF ALL KINDS!!! I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO spend it with my eldest son, Clyde, my eldest grandson, Lincoln and my handsome husband, Johnny. I decided that I wanted to choose ~Billy K’s~ for my Mother’s Day meal and had them make it all to go. We ate our delicious meals out in the lovely, Spring sunshine in my own backyard. I also received the Wonderful News that my 7th grandson. Aydin was born, which made my Mother’s Day more special. I do hope that all of you MOTHERS out there had a relaxing and memorable time with all of your families. Until Next Year… Enjoy the rest of the Spring season in any way that you possible can.

ONE MORE THING: Do you have your tickets bought for the MOST EXCITING EVENT OF THE YEAR? Yes I am talking about the Seekers Choice Awards which will be held at the RCAF on Saturday, June 9th. Partial proceeds of this event will go to the Heart & Stroke Foundation and you have til Monday, May 21st to get your Early Bird Tickets at $40 plus hst per person. Then the price goes up! Check out the back page of this issue for all the details!!!

UNTIL NEXT WEEK: LIFE LAUGHS At Us When We Are UnHappy, LIFE SMILES At Us When We Are Happy, And LIFE Honors Us When We Make Others Happy. SO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY!!!

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