A selection of the best Canadian casino websites

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Online casino games used to be terrible, they used to be the most dull, the most awfully designed and the least entertaining games on the internet. For a very long time, companies saw them as pointless. They were often run by bookmakers who just wanted to funnel people onto their website so they could get them to throw money away betting on sports or other silly bets. The user interface was always very poor, the cards in card games looked fuzzy and the whole experience was also just badly thought out.

Security was also always an issue, there were always worries that companies were playing fast and loose with your data. Hacking was a big problem in the early days of the internet, and companies struggled to keep up with attacks. So, in essence, online casino games were dull, uninspiring and arguably, a little unsafe. This made them seem like they might be dead on arrival, companies fretted that they might not make money from them and users kept ignoring them in favour of much better real life experiences.

Luckily, some companies continued to push on in the sector and make some super games, great platforms and much stronger security solutions. Suddenly there are many many great websites where you can play fun and well made casino games.

It is a really fantastic way to spend some time and it means you can enjoy the great feeling of winning money from your home. There are so many options that it can be hard to know where to start,, is one of the best places for wide ranging information about all the online casinos in Canada. To start you off though here is a small selection of some of the best online casinos in Canada.


Guts Casino

Don’t be fooled by its slightly unsavoury name, Guts is one of the best casinos out there for anyone hoping to play a great range of fun, easy to play and well designed games. Each online casino is usually powered by games from one or perhaps two companies. No online casino makes their own games, that would be far too time consuming and expensive, rather they create a platform then display games made by various companies with more time and expertise to perfect them. At Guts they use games made by Microgaming and BetSoft, two of the biggest and best companies who are popular for good reason. They have over five hundred different games meaning that you will never be bored when playing on guts. They even have some games made by Playsoft, who according to, are the world’s largest provider of casino gaming software. Their amazing range of slots games is particularly notable. They are clearly a name you can trust.



Despite being created in Sweden, LeoVegas are very popular and well trusted in Canada as well as across much of the rest of the world. They are well known for their excellent phone apps, they create slick and professional looking menus and options for players. As with guts, they also use some of the biggest names in gaming software to create their masterpieces. When they first started, they aimed to cater only for mobile gamers but because their games were so good and so well loved, they also made a desktop client. Their customer service is also much loved and they are known for having very good offers and bonuses fairly regularly. If you want a professional experience, they are perfect.



Regularly rated as one of the best online casinos in Canada, Dunder has everything you would want in an online casino from great sign up offers to fun games to play to a customer service that is helpful and responsive. They have great variety, from table games, to 3D slots to baccarat, something not found on every casino platform. If you want to play on the go you can, if you want to play at home, you can, it is ideal for people who want something that is good on desktop as on mobile. They also use all the big software providers to make sure they have the highest quality, most popular and most innovative games. They have more than seven hundred and fifty games meaning that you will never be bored or lost for a game to play. Ideal then for regular and passionate players.


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