The Best Casinos in the Province of Ontario and what to Expect

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Whenever the conversation shifts toward gambling, the first place that springs to mind is probably Las Vegas. But contrary to popular belief, the bright, shiny city that never sleeps (right alongside New York, of course) is not the only place where you will find great casinos. And no, we are not talking about the other two major American gambling destinations, namely Atlantic City and the State of Delaware.

By traveling for about 2,000 miles north-east, you will reach Toronto, which is arguably the Canadian version of Las Vegas. But nobody is forcing you to stay within the city limits, as you can easily take a road trip to Niagara Falls and the several other gambling resorts across the province. To make your choice easier, here is a list of the best casinos in the province of Ontario, and what you should expect.

Casino Niagara

Casino Niagara is amongst the best gambling destination in the province of Ontario. Located right near the Niagara Falls, this gambling facility is especially beloved by people who enjoy poker over other games. However, the casino’s selection of games and leisure activities is not limited solely to poker – visitors have access to 1,300 slot machines, 10 table games, as well as multi-sport wagering and live entertainment.

Furthermore, the casino offers a wide range of bonuses such as free show tickets and hotel stays based on how well the players perform, as well as free live music concerts on Friday and Saturday. If you would like to find out more about such bonuses and how they work, make sure to click here and read this article posted by Casino Bonus Canada.

Fallsview Casino

The Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort (more popularly known as the Fallsview Casino), is a gambling facility located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Inaugurated in the Summer of 2004, it is a 1 billion dollar behemoth of a complex that overlooks the Horseshoe Falls. Measuring about 2,5000,000 square feet, it offers over 100 gaming tables, more than 3000 slot machines, 18 restaurants, a shopping center numbering 30 different stores, a concert showroom and a nightclub, amongst other things.

One of the most prominent fixtures of the Niagaran skyline, this casino resort is also one of Canada’s most sought tourist destinations and a famous entertainment spot, hosting many well-known performers, such as Tony Bennett and ZZ Top. Therefore, the Fallsview Casino is perfect for people who are looking for a Vegas-style experience.

Casino Rama

If you want to take a break from online slots games and try something new for a change, you might want to give Casino Rama a shot. Casino Rama is a large casino, hotel and entertainment complex located in the town of Rama, Province of Ontario. While this casino is about a two-hour drive from Toronto, it sure is worth the journey.

In fact, Casino Rama is Ontario’s sole First Nations commercial casino, and also the largest First Nations casino in Canada, so you are truly in for a treat should you ever decide to visit it. The casino offers a wide variety of tables to play on, with games such as craps, blackjack, poker, as well as 2,500 slots. Similar to the Fallsview, Casino Rama has hosted a huge variety of celebrities throughout the years, such as Alice Cooper, Jay Leno, Ringo Starr and Weezer.


While the Province of Ontario has many other casinos that we have not covered in this article, these three entertainment complexes are amongst the best the region has to offer. In these resorts, visitors can engage in all manners of activities, both related to gambling and otherwise. If you ever find yourself passing through Ontario and want to play a round of blackjack or enjoy a live show, make sure to give these places a shot.

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