Vagabond Theatre’s production of “The Death of Me” take home Awards

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On Sunday, November 5, 2017, at the Awards ceremony after the Eastern Ontario Drama League One-Act Play Festival held in Constance Bay ON, Vagabond Theatre’s production of “The Death of Me” by Norm Foster was presented with the Ottawa Little Theatre Award for Best Production as well as the Pauline Grant Award for acting, presented to the cast as a whole of the play for each of their performances.

Cam MacPhee, who directed the play, was nominated as Best Director and the production was also nominated in the category of Best Costumes.

The cast of the play were:

Mike Chatelaine as John Adderly
Kyle Beaudette as the Angel of Death
Jenny Dagenais as Cassie
Paul Aubin as the doctor

The producer was Dan Youmelle and the Stage Manager was Pat Lloyd; sound and lighting were managed by Bruce Manzer and Dan Youmelle.

Vagabond Theatre has been participating in the annual EODL One-Act Play Festival over the last several years and in that time, has taken home 8 awards and has had many nominations for awards. Vagabond Theatre’s nominations and awards can be found on the Vagabond Theatre Cornwall website under Awards. Vagabond Theatre has hosted the festival twice – in 2001 and 2005.

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