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Positively Marlene – November 2018

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Hello to all of you who have picked up this month’s ~Seeker~ magazine. Here is yet another month of writing my column,~Positively Marlene~ for the Fabulous ~Seeker~. I love the New Format! It makes me smile whenever I see this colourful and glossy magazine. It looks so Professional and Classy. Job Well Done, Mai-Liis and Julia. Don’t you all think so, too? A lot is happening this month.. So stay tuned and do make sure to turn your clocks back on November 4th for Daylight Savings Time.

Item of The month: This month I am choosing a pair of black, *blingy* boots that I purchased at ~Value Village~ when I was visiting my son, Marcus in Ottawa. The price was a bit high ($17.99) but, they were so darn cute. So whilst going up to the cashier my son noticed that some of the *bling* was missing on one of the boots. So, he nicely asked the girl if she could get the price changed because of this problem. Well, To My Sweet Surprise the price was reduced to $7.99!!! I am one happy booter!!!

The months of October and November are all about changes. Not only is Mother Nature giving us signs for another Winter season, we, too must ready ourselves for the long, cold winter months that lay ahead of us, here in Canada. Halloween is such a FUN time of year when we can put on masks for a while, then take them off again. But what about the “Other Masks” we already wear? Most people hide behind some form of outward persona, rather than show their true nature. Usually, it is fear of not being accepted for who we really are, that makes us create the mask. We may even wear this mask to hide from ourselves. We are too afraid to face our own limiting beliefs and fears. We at times create masks to even hide from ourselves. It is always fear that makes us create such a mask. Our beautiful, authentic self is hidden and we only tend to show the world an un-beautiful or ugly version of ourselves. We seem to wear these masks because we fear that we are not good enough. So others can relate to our “masked versions” and never get to know the “Real” us. When we wear these masks we tend to miss out in relationships, in jobs, in friendships and even in family connections because we are too afraid to be who we were made to be.. Just Ourselves. So what better time than after Halloween to decide once and for all to take off your “Invisible Masks”? You are to know that you are indeed, good enough to accept your “Authentic selves.” If we do that, others may well follow our lead and as they get to know the “Real Person” behind the mask, they will have something authentic to Know, to Accept, and to Love

Tip of The Week: Here are some helpful tips if you, you and yes, even you over there in the corner want to make some “Positive Changes” in your lives. Here is what you are to do:

1. Stop sitting on your chairs and waiting for things and circumstances to change.

2. Go Out to make the changes that are needed

3. Try to make some changes every day or week or month.

4. SMILE More.

5. Be more Excited about your lives.

6. Do NEW Things.

7. De-clutter your homes, offices, and closets.

8. Do NOT follow Negative People on social media.

9. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed early.

10. Wake up earlier to face the New Day.

11. Be STRONG for yourselves and for others.

12. Do not spread gossip or listen to it either.

13. Be more Grateful to others and Thankful for what you already have.

14. Challenge yourselves to be better, stronger and wiser every day of every week throughout the whole year!!!

FUN FACTS: Our “Taste Buds” change every 7 years. So try those foods that you hated as a child.. You just might like them, now.

Community Events: John and I were kindly asked and honored to be judges for the first ~ Cornwall Ont. Cuddle Cots~ Fundraiser and Awareness Event. It was held at the Army/Navy on Marlborough here in Cornwall. We feel that it was a HUGE Success with several people coming to help raise awareness and money for this wonderful event. They were all beautifully or horribly dressed up in their Fabulous costumes ready for John and I to judge them. There was good music playing, people dancing and bidding on a Silent Auction. There was also a delicious buffet put out for all to enjoy. This event was put on by three lovely ladies, Shannon Dugas, Penny Brown and Remington Pecore. Thank you ladies for asking John and I to be your judges and for all of the hard work, time and energy that you put into making your first event such a SUCCESS!!! Until Next Time Ladies.. Keep Smiling & Realizing What A Wonderful Thing That You Are All Doing For Our Community. Please check on their facebook page for more information. Another great Fundraiser being held this month is Patti Edward’s 6th~ Jamming For Hospice~ on November 26th. Please check on facebook for more information. I look forward to participating and listening to all of the wonderful musical talent from local and out of town musicians again this year.

Until Next Week: In this world that is full of copies… why not be an original? please pay it forward in some small way.. even if it is by sharing a kind word, or by sharing your pretty or handsome smiles!

Marlene Lister of &

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