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  • Ashley Fish-RobertsonAshley Fish-Robertson is currently finishing her Anthropology degree at Concordia University. She is a freelance journalist and arts editor for The Concordian. In her free time, she enjoys biking on the Waterfront Trail and collecting books. 
  • Alex StaceyAlex Stacey is a multi-media artist who plays drums in the rock band, Please Repeat.
  • Anna VarnavaAnna Varnava is the Gardening Guru of Harvest Garden Centre and also manages Harvest Market on Vincent Massey and Power Dam.
  • Betty HealeyRoadSIGNS
  • Christine LavoieChristine Lavoie, M.Ed., C..Hyp. is a Counsellor and Consultant at Change in Action, a counselling and consulting organization whose areas of counselling include, but are not limited to, relationship skills counselling, trauma, anxiety, depression, pain management and ACOA. She can be reached at 613-363-4828 or by email at: christinelavoieconsulting@gmail.com
  • Don SmithDon is a hometown photojournalist and videographer who creates content pertaining to a number of topics, notably good news, local history and social justice. Professionally he is the Manager & Associate Curator of the Cornwall Community Museum in Cornwall's waterfront park.
  • Gilbert The BeagleGilbert is a Beagle with Attitude!
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  • Ian BoweringHistorian, author and beer aficionado Ian Bowering has curated  at eight museums, and is in the process of working on his 28th publication.
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  • Jenni MacDonaldJenni MacDonald (www.jmacdonald.ca) has been an award-winning Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres for over 9 years and has many years of experience in the banking world. She works with over 40 lenders, credit unions, and private lenders to find the best mortgage for each client. You can contact her by phone or text at 613-551-0639 or via email at jmacdonald@dominionlending.ca
  • Jason SetnykJason Setnyk is a high school teacher, journalist, published and award winning author and photographer.
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  • Lisa GrayLisa is a member of the Cornwall Writer Society, a group that meets at the Cornwall Public Library on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:15 to 8:15 pm. For more information about this or any program at the library, please call 613-932-4796. To reach Lisa, email verlegrace4062@gmail.com.
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  • Mai-Liis RenaudJoin Mai-Liis in discovering the gems in our area, be it people, events or businesses, in a fun, easy to read way.
  • Marlene ListerMarlene Lister is a local photographer/photographer's assistant with John Lister, Along with being a fashion writer. She loves doing the things she does and loves to dress up like a lady, but act like a tennager at times. Marlene loves being different and unique. Visit her website at www.fashionography.ca.
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  • Yafa GoawilyYafa Goawily is an artist . coming from an artistic family with her roots from the ancient cultures (egypt) She started her way from performing arts then studied fine arts at Alexandria university and now after a lot of experience and workshops all over the world, she is doing her development-through-art program and sharing her experience and love of Art with all