Friday, July 5, 2024
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“The Seeker Newsmagazine,” a cornerstone of the Cornwall newspaper scene, epitomizes the essence of community journalism in Cornwall and the Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG) regions. This publication is more than just a news source; it is a platform that celebrates local culture, addresses pertinent community issues, and fosters unity. By merging traditional reporting with modern storytelling, The Seeker appeals to a broad audience, making it a vital component of the local media landscape.

With a passionate team dedicated to highlighting the stories that matter, this Cornwall newspaper enriches its readership with a diverse array of content—from community hero features and local business spotlights to cultural event coverage. The Seeker’s mission goes beyond reporting; it aims to inspire positive change and strengthen community ties through uplifting stories and constructive journalism.

Recognizing the shift towards digital consumption, The Seeker has adeptly expanded its presence online, enhancing accessibility and engaging with its audience through various digital platforms. This approach not only extends the Cornwall newspaper’s reach but also encourages interactive community participation.

Committed to inclusivity, The Seeker ensures that its content mirrors the diverse voices of Cornwall and SDG, promoting understanding and solidarity among its readers. Furthermore, its active involvement in local initiatives underscores The Seeker’s role as more than a newspaper—it’s a community advocate dedicated to the region’s growth and prosperity.

In essence, The Seeker Newsmagazine stands as a beacon of community spirit and journalism in Cornwall, embodying the vital role a local newspaper plays in nurturing an informed, connected, and vibrant community. Through its commitment to quality journalism and community engagement, this Cornwall newspaper continues to be an indispensable resource for the residents of Cornwall and the surrounding areas.

Our Columnists

Garage Sale Placard on a Post

How to Find Treasures in Garage or Estate Sales

"It's always consoling to know that today's Christmas gifts are tomorrow's garage sales". -Milton Berle Imagine a sunny spring day, ...

gray spacecraft taking off during daytime

Fast times, what a ride ahead

How times have changed and how fast! From the time of my great grandfather to my father, not much changed, ...

Candles at Sunset

Candles at Sunset

We gather at Gleeson’s Lock at the canal’s west end just as the sun prepares to set. In the west, ...

black and gray cruiser bicycle in front of blue wooden door

The Old Days

Reading Ivan Labelle’s column got me to thinking when he talked about being 4 years old and watching a black ...


From birth, children are taught the basics, respect your parents, don’t drink, don’t steal or lie or do drugs. I’m ...

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Opinions and Editorials

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