Saturday, May 25, 2024

Giving back

The seeker has been giving back to the community since 2010.


Over the span of 6 years, we have donated thousands of dollars to non-profit organizations and great causes.  We also have provided support in-kind to events, fundraisers, artists and businesses.


The Seekers Choice Awards is an annual red carpet gala taking place in June of each year, aiming at recognizing stellar individuals in our community.  It also doubles as a fundraising effort for a different entity each year.  Some of the great causes who benefited from this fundraiser are: Breast Cancer Society, Children’s Aid Society, Hospice, Baldwin House and the Centre for the Arts Collective.


The International Women’s Day Show takes place in March or each year.  Partial proceeds of this event goes to women related causes and organizations, mainly Baldwin House and SASS for women.


Weekly, we provide space for causes to speak about what they do.  Theater, Visual Arts, Mental Health, Addiction are but 4 of the numerous topics we help demystifying and promoting.


In addition, the Seeker holds fundraisers for various people in need in our community.  Remember Epic E?  We held a silent auction that brought in $1200 to help her and her family.


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