Having a Pest-Free Home Is Nothing to Play With

Anybody who has ever opened the cabinet below their sink and found a roach or two knows how disturbing and unsettling it can be. Suddenly, there are creatures invading your private space without permission, and getting rid of them isn’t easy.

Not only are pests gross and icky. They can also spread diseases and illnesses. Don’t play around when it comes time to get rid of them. Here’s what the best pest control experts can do for you.

Specialized Knowledge

Can you tell from looking or by the traces left behind whether you’re dealing with Oriental or German cockroaches? Leading experts can identify the species on sight and can also infer what is infesting your home from the signs these pests leave in their wake.

Then, they apply this knowledge to locate, bait, and uproot the infestation at the source. Most people have pretty limited knowledge of pests, aside from the fact that they’re gross! You don’t need to research these creatures and learn their habits if you call Green Leaf Pest Control in Toronto to handle the problem for you.

Chemicals That Work

The anti-pest spray treatments commercially available are strong enough to kill a handful of pests. However, eradicating every last one is your only goal. After all, the point is to eliminate the infestation, not reduce its size.

Leading pest control experts use their specialized knowledge of every species to create custom sprays that work effectively for whatever founds its way into your home. Using a more lethal treatment is the only way to uproot the infestation and ensure it’s truly gone for good.

The best pest control experts make their own sprays you can’t get anywhere else. However, the ingredients in them are approved by Health Canada, so you can feel confident they’re safe for pets and the environment

Proactive Home Protection

The only thing better than uprooting a pest infestation is preventing one from occurring in the first place. That’s why the best pest control services offer proactive protection in the form of multi-phase Home Protection Plans.

First, they’ll inspect your property for any signs of pests and pest attractants. Then, they’ll remove whatever they should happen to find. Your property will be free of pests, and nothing on it will draw any in.

Next, the company will provide a preventative treatment to actively discourage pests from even being nearby. Finally, they’ll do multiple return visits to ensure the treatment was successful. If a pest somehow made it through all these layers of protection, they’ll kill them free of charge. 

The last thing any host wants is that embarrassing feeling of finding a pest in their home when a guest is over. Proactive treatments ensure this can’t happen.

When it comes to eliminating pests in your home, half-measures aren’t good enough. You don’t want to waste time on solutions that don’t get the job done, or the pests may breed faster than you’re killing them. Don’t play around with the pests in your home. Instead, hire a leading pest control company to get the job done properly the first time.


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