LTE – Back to the 50’s

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I remember life before OHIP! The medical bills piled up for my Dad who worked so hard to support his family.

After my baby sister needed special care from serious allergies, he had to sell our home to pay for the piling medical bills. Don’t let that happen to you. Ford is slowly privatizing everything. Money slotted for public healthcare is going to For Profit clinics instead.

We have the OR’s for many surgeries, we just do not have  enough staff. Ford refuses to pay nurses appealing Bill 124. Over & over again.  He is driving  nurses away from Ontario and the ones who stay are being asked to  move to For Profit.

OHIP was never free, we paid for Healthcare with our hard earned taxes. Now we are going to pay twice? No Way! Ontarians should be angry, very angry. For Profit Health care is not always safe, there is a 2% chance of more deaths.  

Do you want a 2 tier system where the have’s get excellent service while the have nots suffer and die?  We are not the U.S. We don’t want to be like the U.S. This is Canada.

Write to our MPP Let him know that we do not want For Profit Healthcare. Hold a protest. Join or volunteer for The Ontario Health Coalition who are fighting for you.  Lawn signs are available. Talk to your neighbors. Just a few of us won’t do much but thousands will make a difference.

Public Health Care belongs to Ontarians, not Doug Ford

Stay Safe My Friends

Diane Marshall
Cornwall, Ontario

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