First Choice Haircutters believes in the power of a haircut

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TORONTO, Canada – Think of the last time you had your hair cut by a professional hairdresser.
I bet you stood taller, felt more attractive, prouder, self-confident. Like you could take on the
world. A haircut carries immense power, impacting how we see ourselves and the world around
But not everyone is as fortunate to feel its far-reaching impact. For many underprivileged
Canadians – who spend their last penny on meeting their family’s basic needs for food, shelter,
clothing – a haircut is a luxury that remains out of reach.
Determined to change that, First Choice Haircutters launched #FirstChoiceCares, a national
initiative that provides free haircuts to those who need it most in the communities they serve.
“We were disheartened to learn about the many people struggling to meet their daily needs, for
whom a haircut is an indulgence they cannot afford,” says Athena Kalkanis, Brand Director at
First Choice Haircutters. “Supporting communities is built into the fabric of the FCH brand, so
we felt determined to make a difference through #FirstChoiceCares.”
One of the latest events was held in Cornwall to support the Agape Centre, together providing
over 50 haircuts to residents of the local community, many of whom hadn’t felt the comforting
touch of a professional stylist in years. The day was marked by hugs and smiles all around –
and a commitment by First Choice Haircutters to continue giving back to those who need it
most. Each #FirstChoiceCares event will be hosted in partnership with a local non-profit to
ensure the greatest possible impact in those communities.
With a strong commitment to community, comfort and quality, #FirstChoiceCares is well-aligned
with the values of First Choice Haircutters and its vision moving forward. “A haircut is
transformative, it can pull someone from despair to hope, making them feel valued and cared
for,” adds Athena. “We’re delighted to see its power in motion, changing lives.”

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