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Gabbing With Gilbert – Feed Me !

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Gabbing with Gilbert I’ve been living large since moving to my new home.

My humans feed me everyday and give me treats. There’s one thing that I like more than food and treats though…. TRASH!!!

Its not easy getting in the trash bin without getting caught, in fact, its mission impossible! But I’m a professional at what I do. I can sneak by anything or anyone without hesitation. Everyday I find a way to get into the trash bin. I love it because there’s always something new in there, something for me to snack on… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Not to long ago, I got myself in a scary situation. You see, I was in the trash, as usual, and I got a hold of some chicken… I’ll tell you what, chicken is one of my favourite things on the menu, so obviously I grabbed it and ate it all up. Afterwards my owners found out and they sounded scared, something about chicken bones killing dogs? After I heard that, I got a bit scared too, was this going to be the end of Gilbert the trash eating dog? Oh and don’t forget about Blaze! I shared my chicken with him, we’ve been starting to enjoy each other’s company.

Anyways, A couple days go by and me and Blaze are perfectly fine. We must be super dogs or something. Those killing chicken bones can’t even hurt us!

After the incident, being as ballsy as I am, I decided to go into the trash again. This time something was different, something that I was not a big fan of. My humans had the audacity to get a trash bin that locks. How am I supposed to go digging for gold now? I’m beginning to think this place is no fun! I fought back after they did that.

You know how I was saying chicken was my favourite? Well, my humans put some nice plump chicken breasts on the counter in preparation for dinner one day. As soon as they had their back turned, I grabbed the bag and me and Blaze ate Half of it before being caught! And was it ever delicious! This time, it had no bones.


Woof! Fetch ya later!

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