Yearly Delivery – Physical Copies


Getting a Hardcopy gives you:

      1. Guaranteed Access: Reserving a hardcopy of our magazine ensures that you will receive a copy without the risk of it finding an empty rack at your preferred distribution point.
      2. Collectible Item: Hardcopies of magazines often become collectible items, making your reserved copy a cherished keepsake.
      3. Physical Enjoyment: Holding a physical magazine offers a tactile and immersive reading experience, allowing you to flip through pages, make notes, and appreciate the visual content.
      4. No Digital Dependency: Reserving a hardcopy allows you to enjoy the content without relying on digital devices or worrying about internet connectivity.
      5. Support for Print Industry: By reserving a hardcopy, you contribute to the sustainability of the print magazine industry, supporting writers, editors, and print professionals.

      Your copy will be set aside and you can pick it up at the seeker office, 327 2nd Street E, when available.

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