ADHD, LD, Autism, Reading Struggles? How Neuroplasticity Can Change the Brain

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When parents learn that their child has a learning disorder or ADHD their reaction is devastation. For years, science believed the brain was hardwired and could not be changed. Fortunately, neuroscience made the uplifting discovery that the brain can change and grow new neurons at any age. The key to the brain’s incredible ability to change is correct stimulation—known as neuroplasticity.

Neural re-organization offers victims’ of stroke a chance at total recovery. What you may not have heard is how neuroplasticity can improve cognitive function of children with ADHD, learning and reading disorders and autism. Neuroplastic learning goes beyond managing a disorder—it seeks to change the ‘faulty connections’.

The problem with many remedial reading programs is they can further re-enforce the poor connections in the brain of someone with a reading disorder. Significant improvements can occur when the brain receives the correct stimulation. Previously poor readers can catch up to the reading levels of their peers in a relatively short period of time. Reading becomes effortless instead of laborious. My most recent client went up twelve reading levels in three months—to say that his parents and teachers are delighted is an understatement.

Neuroplastic reading programs aims to change the way the brain is processing written words and information by creating new connections. Other neuroplastic interventions have demonstrated immense success in improving attention, impulse control and memory. These interventions stimulate the brain to re-organize itself by mimicking the critical stages of brain development starting with the fundamentals and then extending to more complex functions, including language, self-expression and social skills.

If even one milestone is missed during development then cognitive function can be impaired moderately to severely. The good news is that once this foundation is laid, children are often able to make significant gains in their cognitive development and processing.

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In Health and Wholeness,

Lorraine Driscoll,M.S.T., R.H.N.
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