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Avoid Dieting Disasters in 2018

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The motivation of your New Year’s resolution to lose weight may be running strong, but to make it sustainable when that initial determination fizzles away, practice the principles of eating psychology. This requires tuning into your body’s unique needs as well as understanding how your psychology affects your relationship to food. Avoid dieting dysfunction by following the tips below:

1.Traditional dieting exasperates restriction and binging rather than addressing the root cause of emotional eating. Learn to identify triggers and develop coping strategies to navigate vulnerabilities such as social situations.

2.Everyone has a unique genetic make-up which causes them to respond to food in vastly different ways. Most diets don’t consider bio-individuality. Don’t get discouraged if you are not experiencing the same results as your friend.Be prepared to explore and experiment.

3.Diets often teach you to ignore your body’s signals and instead follow the rules of a program. Certain diets can be therapeutic but following a program without first learning to tune in to your body’s wisdom can be detrimental.

4.Simplified meal planning and prep must be learned to make healthy eating sustainable. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.Explore why you may have resistance to planning and prep; seek help if necessary.

5.Diets focused on calories and rapid weight-loss are based on outdated science rather than building a healthy metabolism. Many of my clients suffer from a damaged metabolism due to a calorie restrictive diet that was later followed by hormonal imbalances and weight gain. Eat real, unprocessed food with healthy amounts of fat to heal your metabolism.

6.Individuals who maintain healthy eating do not rely on willpower—though to outsiders it appears that way. They developed habits and strategies that eliminates an uphill battle with food. Dieting leaves you relying on willpower which only exists in finite amounts each day. Understanding the psychology of willpower and howskillpowercan eliminate the need to rely on willpower can be a game-changer.

To learn more about eating psychology & weight-loss in 2018, contact me today.

Lorraine Driscoll,M.S.T., R.H.N.
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