What do Math, Marriage, and Money have in common?

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A modern, new, evidence-based sexual education curriculum in Ontario should include accurate teaching about marriage, argues think tank Cardus in Please Say Yes? Marriage Proposes to Sex Ed –part of its submission to the provincial government’s education consultation.

“This is partially what teaching on consent aims to convey: the idea that one must always think through relationship choices and ascertain with certainty the degree to which the other is interested in engaging in relationship,” wrote Andrea Mrozek, a Cardus program director. “Marriage is the highest standard for consensually entered, safe relationship.”

In a separate submission, Cardus calls for improvement to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teaching in Ontario.

“The province should move toward integrating STEM learning into shop and building classes,” wrote Peter Jon Mitchell, senior researcher at Cardus. “Hands-on learning enhances understanding of concepts and principles, and improves problem-solving skills.”

Cardus also advises the province to go beyond curriculum changes by providing fair and equitable education funding for all Ontarians, including those who choose independent schools for their children.

“Providing Ontarians with more choice in education, including religiously oriented options, contributes to the public good,” wrote Mitchell. “The 2018 Cardus Education Survey found that graduates of religiously affiliated independent schools establish diverse social ties, engage their communities, and commit to the well-being of their neighbours.”

The Cardus submissions on marriage in sex-ed and on STEM and school funding are available online. To book an interview with a Cardus spokesperson, please, contact Daniel Proussalidis.