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6 Important Questions to Ask About All on Four Implants

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While mulling over your options for life without real teeth, someone is bound to mention implants. There’s actually two types of implants that you can consider. One is known as Teeth in a Day or All on Four implants. If you have questions about this option, Dr. Eisen from Markham Smile Centre has the answers you need. Here are a few of the questions that many people ask.

Who Can Receive These Implants?

People who have lost all or at least most of their teeth are prime candidates. For example, you may have tried dentures and found them to be uncomfortable or otherwise unsuitable. Since your natural teeth are gone anyway, receiving all on four would be easy.

Age doesn’t matter at all. You do need to have basically good oral health. That includes sturdy bone structure. If there is an issue on that front, there are ways to reinforce the bone and ensure the implants remain firmly in position.

What’s the Procedure Like?

As Dr. Eisen from Markham Smile Centre will explain, the procedure is simple. Four implants are positioned along the jaw line. Once they are tested and found to be stable, a temporary dental plate is attached. The plate looks like a full row of teeth. In a week or so, you’ll return to receive a customized plate that’s made specifically for you.

The procedure will only take a matter of hours. That means you can walk into the dental office with no teeth and emerge a few hours later with a full set.

Will It Take Long to Get Used to Them?

Do expect some soreness and possibly a little swelling for a day or two. Once your jaw heals, you will likely forget that the implants and plates are in position. That’s because they All on Four solution feels and performs much like a set of natural teeth.

How Will I Take Care of Them?

When Dr. Eisen from Markham Smile Centre goes over the process of caring for these implants, many patients rejoice. That’s because the routine is much like taking care of a set of real teeth. You’ll brush after meals and use mouthwash to freshen your breath and remove more of the residue left from brushing. An annual check-up is still part of the plan. You’ll even come in for a cleaning twice a year. Compare this approach to the more complex process of taking care of a set of standard dentures.

Do They Really Last Longer than Traditional Dentures?

One of the more attractive aspects of All on Four implants is that they last for a long time. There are patients who keep the same plates for the rest of their lives. Since a set of dentures normally last for an average of seven years, it’s easy to see why this kind of implant solution is worth considering.

What Happens if I Damage a Plate?

Just as you can chip or crack a real tooth, there is some potential for damaging a dental plate. If you do, don’t worry. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be possible to repair the plate. Even if that can’t be done, it won’t take long to prepare a new custom plate.

What do you think about the idea of All on Four implants? Do you have additional questions? Call today and arrange for a dental exam and more information about these implants. You may find that they are the perfect solution.

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