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6 Simple Ways Your Life Will Change After Getting All on Four Implants

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Dental patients have more than one option for missing teeth these days. Even if there are no natural teeth left, there are still alternatives to consider. Perhaps you tried one and found it lacking. If so, the Mapleridge dentists in Vaughan have another solution for you to try. Here’s what you can expect to happen if you give this second approach a try.

You Can Chew in Comfort

Once you have the all on four implants in place and the permanent dental plate is attached, mealtime will be a lot of fun again. That’s because you will be able to chew in comfort for the first time in a long time. The plates are stable and sturdy. In fact, they will perform with almost as much efficiency as your real teeth did in years past. Foods you’ve avoided because chewing with dentures was a little tricky will be on the menu again.

Your Oral Hygiene Plan is Familiar

As the Mapleridge dentists in Vaughan talk with you about how to care for your new implants, much of what they have to say will be familiar. That’s because your dental hygiene routine will be much like it was in years past. You’ll brush after meals and use mouthwash whenever you like. There will also be annual dental check-ups and a couple of cleanings each year.

One addition you may consider is investing in an oral irrigation device. This will help to strip away any residue on the plates or on the gums that remains after you brush and use mouthwash.

No More Messy Adhesives

Dentures just weren’t for you. One of the issues was having to use a dental adhesive. The application wasn’t so bad, but cleaning up at the end of the day was not something you enjoyed. Now that you have All on Four implants, forget about the adhesive. Since your implants and plates remain firmly in position all the time, you no longer need it.

And No Worries About Slippage

Dumping the dental adhesive is good in more than one way. Along with not having to deal with the mess, you also no longer worry about slippage. Your implants are going nowhere, even when you bite into a piece of fruit or enjoy something that requires a lot of chewing. You can trust that the work done by the Mapleridge dentists in Vaughan will ensure you can speak and eat without wondering if your teeth are going to slip a little or possibly slip a lot.

Your Implants Last a Long Time

Once you have All on Four implants, settle in for many years of reliable performance. These implants last much longer than regular dentures. How long? There are people who have the same implants while their friends work their way through three or more sets of dentures. Think of what that means in terms of keeping life a little simpler and saving money at the same time.

And Your Smile Looks Winning Again

No discussion of these types of implants is complete without addressing the way your smile looks. You’ll find that because of the customization of the dental plates, your smile is nicer than it’s been in quite a few years. Relax and smile all you like; what people will see is what appears to be a perfectly healthy set of teeth.

Is it time for you to try this type of implant solution. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and go over the merits of this solution. The work won’t take long and you’ll enjoy the results for a long time.

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