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The Best Exercises Seniors Need to Stay Active this Spring

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The warm weather is back and that has everyone’s blood pumping. As the days get longer, the itch to get active, shed those winter pounds, and embrace the feeling of the earth coming back to life can feel rejuvenating. Now is a great time to capitalize on those feelings, get outdoors, and get active.

With the spring weather here, plenty of people feel motivated to start getting activate. For seniors, their best bet for exercise is to find ways to build muscle and bone strength, improve balance, and keep up an active lifestyle.

What everyone needs are some go-to exercises for the spring. Here are some great exercises and tips on staying active throughout the spring this year.

#1 Yoga

Yoga is a weight-bearing, zero-impact exercise (meaning you’re not impacting joints like your knees, as you would with jogging) that can decrease arthritis pain or pain from joint inflammation. Yoga is widely practiced by seniors to improve balance, cardiovascular health, and even manage type 2 diabetes.

Yoga is especially great for cardiovascular health, which relies on stress management, exercise, and nutrition. Yoga can help reduce blood pressure and stress, making it a powerful exercise tool.

#2 Dance

Cardio is a tough exercise for seniors. Most traditional exercises associated with cardio are high-impact, which means that many seniors are unable to participate and enjoy the benefits. Dance, however, is a relatively low-impact form of exercise, not to mention one that’s fun and social.

Dance lessons are an excellent way to get active in the spring, not just because it’s good for senior health and coordination, but because it can help combat depression and the spring. Dance can help lift your spirits and get into the mood of the season.

#3 Tai Chi

Tai chi is all about balance and control. It’s a popular exercise for seniors as it helps relieve physical effects of stress, promotes deep breathing, reduces blood pressure, and helps improve balance. It can also reduce bone loss and help with concentration and cognitive function.

Once you learn tai chi, you can practice it on your own, anywhere, even in relatively small spaces. That makes it an ideal indoor exercise for those rainy spring days.

Anyone looking for senior housing options that value active lifestyles and promote exercise should look no further than All Seniors Care Living Centres. In addition to regular exercises all year round that include yoga, tai chi, and dance, they’re known for their Seniors Games. A week-long friendly competition celebrated across active senior communities across Canada, All Seniors Care Seniors Games include games like:

  • Bocce

  • Wii Bowling & Golf

  • Shuffleboard

  • Card games, cribbage, and bridge

  • Non-competitive walking

The games are open to all residents and seniors in the community. It’s a great opportunity to have fun and get people active in the community.

Staying active is the key to senior health. Stay active and try these perfect spring exercises.

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