Prepaway – How to Get Project Management Professional Certification from PMI?

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It goes without saying that IT is an amazingly unpredictable industry. However, its ever-changing nature has given the employment platform a whole new look.We have repeatedly seen the emergence of a new skill set that is in high demand across both small and large organizations.

Ifyouwant to be noticed as a professional, there is no better way for you than getting certified. One of the best credentials in the project management filed is PMP certification from PMI(Project Management Institute). PMP certification has garnered a global recognition over the years and currently finds its way in many fields. The hiring managers are out to find reliable professionals with the relevant work experience,skills and most importantly, the relevant certification.Possessing PMI PMP credential puts you in a better position to improve your career prospects and attract measurable financial rewards.

It is common knowledge that PMP certification may not be ideal for all project managers, but the information gathered in this article will give you a detailed explanation of this credential to help you make the best decision regarding your career growth.

Overview of PMP Certification

The Project Management Professional certification is the recognized standard for all the project managers across the globe.Since its inception in 1984 by the Project Management Institute(PMI),this certification has earned a global recognition over the years owing to its nature of creating opportunities for the candidates to work in any location and industry.This is what separates it from other certification programs that only focus on a single domain or geography.With its role quickly spreading,it is clear to see why a whopping 500000 project managers currently hold this certification across the globe.

Benefits of Attaining PMP Certification

Apart from giving you the possibility to lead projects in any country around the world, PMP certification can greatly improve your earning potential.In fact,the recent statistics show that individuals possessing this credential earn 20% more compared to theircolleagues with no certification.

The good thing about this certification is that the employers too will benefit from it. Remember, a company’s productivity increases when close to a third of their project managers possessPMPcredential. Such organizations are likely to finish most of their projects in good time without breaking the bank or incurring any losses.


You may think that earning PMP certification is a piece of cake,butpursuing it alone has a lot more to it than meets the eye.You are never going to attain this certification if you don’t meet a particular set of requirements.There are two options:

1. You need to possess a secondary degree (associate’s degree or a high school diploma), 35 hours of project management education as well as a work experience in the field of project management of at least 7500 hours.

2. Alternatively,you may also qualify for PMP if you have a 4-year degree(Bachelor’s degree or higher), 35 hours of project management education and a minimum of 4500 hours of work experience in the field of project management.

In both cases, you need to be skilled in leading and directing projects.

PMP Exam

PMP exam tests your project management skills under 5 key areas.Each of the five domains contributes a specific weight in the actual exam.These include Initiation (13%),Planning (24%),Executing (31%),Monitoring and Controlling (25%) andClosing the Project(7%).

PMPexam is a multiple-choice assessment that tests 200 questions.Note that 25 out of these 200 items are unscored (pretest) questions.These are questions that have no impact on your final results whatsoever and are only meant to authenticate the validity of the future exam questions.The most interesting part is that these questions are randomly distributed throughout the test so you can never distinguish them from the rest.Therefore, adequate preparation for all exam questions is required.

Whether you opt for the center-based testing or the paper-based option,the time allotted for this exam is 4 hours.It’s worth mentioning that center-based testing is the standard option for administering PMP exam. The paper-based testing option, on the other hand, may also be available, but under certain limitedcircumstances.

Tips for Passing PMP Exam

Many aspiring candidates wonder if passing PMP exam is so difficult. And if so, is there any proven way to penetrate this wall and achieve your certification goals?One thing is for sure, PMP exam can be challenging.According to the latest estimates, this exam registers an astonishing fail rate:40-50% of the first time exam takers can’t nail it on the first try.Aim at preparing adequately for this certification exam irrespective of your project management experience.

It is all important to review the PMP handbook from the PMI official website before scheduling yourexam.The exam handbook gives detailed information about the certification exam in addition to outlining the key exam concepts. You should also familiarize yourself with the sample exam questions to determine your areas of weaknesses in advance. Similarly, the PMI organization, its accredited Registered Education Providers(REPs) and different reputable training organizations offer formal study courses for PMP exam.

Web Sources for PMP Exam Preparation

Successful exam takers will attest that using multiple study materials is the proven way to ensure guaranteed success at your first attempt.It is therefore advisable to check out the top websites to help you prepare adequately for your PMP test.There’s no better place to find invaluable training tools than the Prepaway platform.

The online training course on the Prepaway website is designed in a unique way to equip all the aspiring project managers with the knowledge and skills they will need to attain PMP certification. The training course from Prepaway focuses on teaching different terms that are ideal for running a company successfully.With more than 280 lectures, ahuge set of practice questions and answers and a thousand-page study guide, this set will play a vital role in your certification journey.

Exam Registration

Feel free to schedule your exam any time at the Prometric website,the PMI’s trusted partner that administers all its certification exams.But before that,you will have to pay the exam fee. It should bementionedthat the exam fee varies based on your PMI membership status.For example,the PMI members pay $405 for PMP exam while the non-members will pay $555 for the same test.Similarly,the exam retake is also dependent on your PMI status: it is set at $275 for members and $375 for non-members.

Bottom Line

Passing PMP exam can be challenging, but attaining the world-class certification opens up job opportunities all over the globe.Hopefully,this article has done enough to help you make the best decision regarding your certification needs to help you advance your career to the top where you truly belong.

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