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Virtual Reality for Team Building

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In the recent past, virtual reality was only used to suggest appropriate images for gamers who spend hours in dark rooms submerged in another world. Nevertheless, it did not take a long time before the advantages of Virtual Reality in the business world became clear. Nowadays, VR technology is utilized in various ways from marketing products, training, distance learning and also Virtual Reality team building.

Boosting team building by using virtual reality

There are various kinds of team building tasks that firms can do. Nonetheless, virtual and augmented reality is currently introducing new techniques to engage their staff. Corporate events with Virtual Reality are becoming popular, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

Many businesses are using a remote workforce. This practice is incredibly beneficial when it comes to the budget and ensuring that firms get the best individuals for the job, in spite of where they reside in the world. Nonetheless, managing individuals who are working in a remote office or from home can result in unorganized and isolated teams. That can cause several problems in achieving teamwork and company goals.

Using virtual reality in your team bonding activities

The virtual reality tools can help in developing company teamwork and in making communication run smoothly. It also makes it incredibly possible for your remote staff to socialize with other employees and for corporations to conduct simulated team-building events. If you choose a Virtual Reality activity or game, you will enable team members in various states to learn, interact, collaborate in a more meaningful way.

For example, the Bridge Crew allows only four players to take on four particular roles engineering, captain, weapons and helm. Every member has to work together with the entire team to go through all challenging setups. The shared location and the replication of natural body movements develop a strong sense of social presence and interaction.

Ubisoft management, developers of Bridge Crew, usually believe that similar games can easily integrate into company team building, especially now that corporate teams are spread out across the country. The scenarios of the game also require lots of coordination and communication among players, just like what corporations do to make sure that a business strategy is effectively implemented.

Benefits of  utilizing virtual reality for team building

The VR technology is typically a game changer in the way some firms manage their teams. The following are some ways in which Virtual Reality technology influences the workplace in an incredibly positive way.

It’s cost-effective

Companies can save a lot of money on team building and employee training since they don’t have to worry about taking on food, housing or transportation costs. Remote employees can partake in Virtual Reality team building social gatherings or activities while staying at home as well.

It makes communication easier

Virtual reality easily brings employees together for virtual conferences and digital meetings. Innovations such as Facebook Live with Virtual Reality can make it appear like you’re in the same place as your colleagues, although they are many miles away.

It’s convenient for all members of your team

Augmented reality usually makes it pretty easy for members of a team to work together to complete projects. There is no need to travel to evaluate products or for important meetings. Architectural companies with offices in many countries, for example, can collaborate successfully on potential designs for their clients.

Types of virtual reality activities

If you are thinking about building a strong team, a Virtual Reality team bonding event is something to consider. Keep in mind that sharing new experiences could help a team work together and bond. After all, it is safe to assume that the team which survives a zombie disaster together stays together. The following are some Virtual Reality games or exercises that your workers might enjoy:

Everest VR

Firms often take their workers to another place for team building. Now, they can easily take them to Mt. Everest. It is a field trip that has a virtual twist, and one of your teams will never forget. Everest VR is typically more of an experience and less of a game; one that they can discuss and share with their colleagues. There is normally an entire world that you can easily explore here. Apart from Mt. Everest, your troops can also select virtual field travels in a museum, out in space or under the sea.

Arizona Sunshine

The Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter game that’s built and designed explicitly for virtual reality programs. If you would like your team to get the entire VR package from the onset, then this shooter game is ideal for you. The players usually find themselves right in the middle of an overrun with zombies in southwestern America. The game comes with a multiplayer mode, which allows for groups of a maximum of four people to battle teams of undead. It is an excellent way to introduce friendly competition in the office.

Fantastic Contraption

If you would like to boost teamwork while encouraging your workers at the same time to think outside the box and critically, then Fantastic Contraption will be the ideal Virtual Reality team building activity for you. This game provides the players with several new tools that enable them to develop machines which will solve some specific puzzles.

Fantastic Contraption may entail only a single player to utilize the Virtual Reality controllers, but a third-person camera makes sure that the other members of the team can see everything too. They can then encourage or offer suggestions on the way to solve the problem.

Pictionary VR

Pictionary VR has always been exciting to play as a team building activity or at parties. Bringing it to Virtual Reality, with the assistance of Quill or Tilt Brush, opens the game to the worlds of possibilities. One of the players uses the Tilt Brush to draw a word while the other team members look at the big screen to predict what it is. It is another wonderful way to introduce some friendly competition in your firm while ensuring that your employees are having a good time.

Meditation VR

Going away from the company offices and the stress that comes with it is also another goal of team building. Meditation VR is an excellent way to help your employees unwind in between group activities. It is also a great method for corporations to encourage or teach their staff how to de-stress and relax. After all, a worker who is healthy in body and mind is a productive employee.

Although virtual reality applications are currently available to consumers, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a commonplace. Most people have not tried it for themselves. Since it’s pretty new and unfamiliar, it is incredibly exciting to try. If your previous team building activities have not drummed up a lot of enthusiasm, a Virtual Reality headset surely will. You and your team will learn more about how VR works by investing in virtual reality corporate team building activities to strengthen your organization.

A Virtual Reality team building is among the many ways you can use to bring your employees closer together. The above VR team building activities will not only offer an unforgettable and unique experience, but the exercises will also improve their communication skills, enhance teamwork and also foster friendly competition in your company.


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