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5 Best Venues For Local Acts

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We all like Aultsville and the bigger venues in town but let’s show some love to the ‘ma and pop’ shops that make this music scene great.

In no specific order, here are the best venues in Cornwall for local acts.


Let’s talk Thursday jam nights. Starts at nine, anyone can come on stage and play. It’s a killer open mic – they have a drum set, amps and a sound system. All levels are welcome, it’s really laid back and even if you don’t play you can just enjoy the amazing musicianship that comes out. Or if you’re looking for something more refined, on the weekends they have professional acts perform. Oh and one of the bartender’s, Davey Bedard, literally raps behind the bar – yes, your life can be this awesome.

Check out their events calendar here.


Great spot for all types of shows. Any given weekend you have acoustic acts, punk bands, cover bands, you name it rolling through. Drinks are cheap, staff are friendly, and the decor features old concert posters of bands like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. And if you need a break from the head banging they have a sick patio with a pool table outside. What more do you need?

Check out their events calendar here.


You prefer Swift before she went pop? Then this is the place for you. Acoustic acts galore, great coffee and some of the comfiest couches to be found on the music scene. Just walk in, talk to whoever is running the open mic, and get ready to rock.

For more info and updates click here.


Once a month you get to be in the same room with Ryan O’Neil and his fantastic long hair – that should be enough for you to go here. Ryan is a killer player and also the nicest guy. Another acoustic show, this place is chalk full of talent and good times. If you’re looking for the next big acoustic act, this is a place to check out, and if you’re interested in sharpening your musical chops or simply taking up an instrument, Ryan offers classes.


Arts In The Park is a fantastic program that more people need to know about. It’s at Lamoureux Park, it’s free, and the talent they roll out is top notch. Grab yourself a seat on a park bench, soak in the rays, and enjoy some awesome tunes.

The shows are usually put on Tuesdays-Thursdays after 7pm.

For more information on upcoming events click here.

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