3 Essential Things to Do Before Listing Your House

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For anyone who buys a home, one of the major reasons that you likely chose to buy it was because of the return on your investment that you might one day have. This offers you a huge influx of cash that you can use to pay off the rest of your existing mortgage and have a nice tidy sum to use for retirement, pleasure, or other investing opportunities. However, if you’re seeking to use your home as a big influx of money, then you need to make sure that the investment is worth it when it comes time to sell. You need to sell the house at as high of a profit as you can manage. Unless you happen to live in a rapidly developing area, most of the criteria is going to revolve around the house itself. To help you sell your home at the highest possible profit margin, you should perform these three essential things.


Depending on who you’re selling to, you have to take different considerations into mind. Are you selling to a family or to an investor? According to, you can make decent money by managing your property right and selling it to an investor. Before you list for your respective buyers, consider these tips.

1. Renovate

No one likes the idea of renovating the home. This is especially true when you’re renovating it for someone else. It seems like a waste of money because you’re not going to use it for yourself. It isn’t. Renovations are a key way to increase the value of your home. Knowing just what to renovate can be a bit trickier. Some renovations provide a greater return than others. For example, the kitchen and bathroom are usually given the highest rating in terms of investment returns. That’s because new owners want a fresh bathroom and kitchen. They want the latest appliances so that they don’t have to buy them.

2. Stage

Another aspect of selling a home that people don’t think about is staging. This describes the process of carefully setting the scene in each room. The goal is to make it look it’s absolute best. Sometimes, this means that there needs to be minimal furniture in the room. In fact, the less personal items that you have in the home, the better. Pack away pictures and other personal belongings. By providing a blank canvass for people to walk into, it allows them to easily picture themselves in the space instead. They won’t feel as though they’re buying a pre-owned home. They’ll feel like they’re buying a new home but at a better cost.


In other cases, it may be prudent to use furniture that isn’t your own. Beat-up or old furniture can make the room as a whole look unattractive. You may want to store furniture pieces away in a storage unit or sell them entirely. If you don’t want to buy new furniture pieces simply for staging purposes, then you might benefit from hiring a staging professional. These are professionals who understand staging and the effect it has on buyers. Some of them have furniture pieces of their own that they can use for your home. Others prefer to use existing furniture. While others even prefer to have little or no furniture in certain rooms.


Whichever professional you select, you can be sure that staging can really help your house sell quickly and at a good price.

3. Paint

One last task that you need to complete before selling your home is to paint the walls of your home. You may have spent weeks agonizing over paint color once, but now it’s time to make it go away. While you might enjoy greens and yellows on your walls, those coming to see your house may not. To keep them attracted to your home, you should stick with neutrals. While white walls are always the best option, you can sometimes get away with other neutral tones like light beige or light grey. By keeping the walls tame and neutral, the buyers can walk in and easily picture the color they want on the walls instead. More importantly, the more colorful choices that you had there earlier won’t scare them off entirely.

Prepare To Sweat

Selling your home is a lot of work. Yet no investment is profitable without a little effort. By performing these three essential things, you can invest in your home and see greater profits when you sell.