Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert, Announces Partnership with Local Personal Chefs

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October 26, 2019-Winnipeg, CAN: Gabriel Patterson, nutrition expert, and personal trainer, has announced plans to partner with local in-home chefs to create healthy holiday meals starting this autumn.

Gabriel Patterson, a renowned personal trainer from Winnipeg, has recently announced his plans to collaborate with local chefs to provide residents with better access to healthy lifestyles. Holidays are often an issue for people trying to stick to a healthy diet, and he hopes to work alongside nutrition clients and in-home chefs to develop delicious and nutritious holiday meal plans.

Unhealthy eating during the holidays can spiral and often hinders people on their path to fitness. “Knowing about your triggers and behavior towards eating can help you develop and execute a plan to regain control of your weight loss goals,” says Gabriel Patterson. His new enterprise will give Winnipeg residents the ability to discover more nutritious foods and will get them on course to achieve their dream health.

Patterson knows that people have fitness goals for a variety of reasons, such as longer life and visual appeal. He recommends focusing on positive body image to start gaining confidence.

Gabriel has had great success in helping others to get fit and healthy, and his dedicated counsel has helped many turn their lives around. He has even helped to make fitness more understandable and accessible with his mobile fitness app.

Healthy eating doesn’t stop at the end of the meal; Gabriel’s work focuses on helping others to make permanent changes. “I want to make the world a healthier place, and I seek to provide people with as many tools as possible so they can reach their goals,” he says. With Patterson’s innovation in healthy eating and nutrition, this autumn will be an exciting time for those looking to improve their bodies and lifestyles.

About Gabriel Patterson

Gabriel Patterson, originally from Winnipeg, Canada, is a certified personal trainer and advocate for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Gabriel supports his clients as they revamp their health and fitness routines. Mr. Patterson focuses his efforts on helping his clients rebound from sports-related injuries, build a solid foundation in fitness, and reach new heights. His passion for living a productive and active lifestyle has led Mr. Patterson to educate his clients about the importance of regular exercise and incorporating a nutrient-dense diet. When he is not supporting his clients to become their best selves, Gabriel Patterson can be found spending time with his friends and family in Winnipeg.

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