Fashionably Marlene – February 2023

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Welcome to the 2nd month of 2023 everyone in the Cornwall and the S. D.& G. areas. I hope that this first month has been kind to you all.

I wanted to let you know about some of the ”TRENDS” that are in this year. Denim is in full swing for Spring, – wearing denim on denim, or by adding it to other neutral pieces in your wardrobe. But the denim skirt is in for all of the seasons this year. Another trend is to add a bit (or a lot) of Bling to whatever you are wearing or carrying to spruce up your daily or evening wear this Spring/Summer ’23.

Leopard print is also in. So go ahead, wear a whole outfit in this print or add some to whatever you are wearing and GO WILD! Or, If you don’t feel so crazy.. Then go with this trend that’s having its moment again by wearing some “Sheer Items” such as shirts, skirts and, or scarves. One of the colours for S/S’23 is Lavender. As you know, purple is one of my favorite colours. We can do this with the neutral-coloured items by adding a “Punch of Purple” to our look for the upcoming seasons.

My Fabulously Fashionable Outfit for Freezing February Ensemble came from The Village for well under $100.00! The faux-fur trimmed woolen hat was $5.00. The faux-fur coat was only $25.00 along with my faux-fur lined leather boots for $15.00. The gloves are real leather from Italy with some mink trim for ONLY $5.00! The woolen, infinity scarf was $2.00! For A Grand Total of $52.00! That’s Right My Readers! I can still look Fashionable and stay nice and warm from the tip of my head to the tips of my toes for this Incredible Price! So Can YOU!

Now, to stay Fashionable with your hair this year. Here are some “HAIR TRENDS” for the S/S’23. The “Octopus Cut“ is here with long, wispy ends representing octopus legs. The “Layered Cut” is back along with a “Wispy Fringe” or “Bangs.” This is for all face shapes. The ‘Butterfly” cut will WOW your friends with all of its layers and lots of volume. The “Wolf Cut” is still in, but the MAIN HAIR CUT for this year is having it a “Medium Length” with light feathering and blown out creating lasting movement. Until Next Month, STAY WARM & FASHIONABLE!


  • Marlene loves doing the things she does! She's a pro at shopping at our local thrift stores to achieve that sophisticated lady look, while staying young at heart. Check out her latest finds in Fashionably Marlene.

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