Imbolc: Sabbat of Spring (In Honour of the Goddess Brigit)

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Firstly, thank you everyone who came and made my free January workshops (Sigil Making and Reverse Tarot Cards) such a success. In March, I will presenting 2 free workshops: the Tarot Court Cards and a workshop How To Avoid Being a Procrastinator. See the Library Homepage for details, call or email me.

Secondly, I would like to take a moment to introduce another free program at the library starting Wednesday, February 22 at 10 am called The Forum.

The FORUM is for folks who enjoy being part of a group, welcome new ideas and are ready to challenge conventional barriers. Ever wondered… How we became? What is reality really made of? Can we create our own future? …then the FORUM is where you need to be. The FORUM takes religion out of spirituality and replaces it with today’s science. See you there!

Imbolc – First Spring Sabbat

February 1st in Wicca is one of our most sacred days called Imbolc. It means “Milk” in Gaelic. Farm animals are getting ready to birth and are lactating hence the word “Imbolc – Milk.” On this cross-quarter day that lies midway between Winter Solstice and Spring we honour with candles, ritual and song The Goddess Brigit (Celtic Goddess of the Tuatha de Dannan.) Christians celebrate February 2 as Candlemas.

Brigit is the Celtic Goddess of poetry, healing and smithcraft. In women’s spirituality tradition, it is a time to “clean house,” preparing your life for the renewed vigor of the coming spring. To honour her, we: clean house, burn candles to welcome the sun, (bringing longer days), sprinkle lavender and sage in our homes, turn inward to reflect on what inside ourselves we need to cleanse (anger, despair or hopelessness etc).

If you want to honour her in early February light a candle, face East calling for blessings of clarity and health for the sick. Then face South and call for Brigid’s forge to give you passion to complete an activity you want to do just for yourself. Face West, and call for a better understanding of your emotions. Face North, and call for a better understanding of how you can tread more lightly on Mother Earth. Then turn to the Center, ground and breathe deeply until you feel at peace. Then say this invocation and Brigit will come. It is called Brigit’s Shield written by Ysandra Silverneedle and should be said 3 times:

May Brighid’s Flame strengthen you. May Brighid’s Shield protect you. May Brighid’s Mantle enfold you to keep you warm. May Brighid’s healing hands be above you. May Brighid’s healing hands be below you. May Brighid’s healing hands be behind you. May Brighid’s healing hands be before you. May Brighid’s healing hands be in you. Every light and every dark. Every day and every night. Every early and every late. May Brighid always be with you.

Tarot: The High Priestess

The High Priestess can represent any Goddess but is usually seen as Brigit, Persephone, Isis, Hathor or Freya. She sits in front of a thin veil decorated with pomegranates (Greek symbol of the Underworld.) The black and white colors of the pillars symbolize duality – masculine and feminine or darkness and light.

The High Priestess is the guardian of the subconscious mind and the teacher of sacred knowledge and hidden mysteries. She teaches you that the world is not always as it seems and more profound influences are often at play. She shows up in your Tarot readings when you need to access the knowledge deep within your soul and tune in to your intuition. The answers you are seeking will come from within. Connect with your Higher Self through meditation, visualization, shamanic journeying, and being part of spiritual communities.

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