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Dear Editor

Over the past few days, I have received a number of calls regarding Municipal Property Tax Notices.  It would seem various of Municipalities, in Ontario, are not including required information.  This information includes but is not limited to:

  1. Property Classes
  2. Deductions for farm, forest, conservation
  3. Education rates and types, as in Public or Catholic
  4. County or Upper Tier amounts, etc.

As required under Municipal Act Ontario Regulation 75/01 – “TAX MATTERS — PROPERTY TAX BILLS,” the aforementioned information, etc., must be included in the property tax notices.

The question being why would anyone pay property taxes for something that is not made clear on their tax-bills?  Municipalities that are involved in this are saying “just trust us” to ensure that we won’t change your “property class(es)” without your knowledge or consent.  Could it be that if one does pay these property taxes, based on these notices, they are caught as being in agreeance with the Municipality?

Something needs to be done immediately regarding these notices, as it has been decided by the Courts that Municipalities must be “reasonable” and must be “correct,” meaning they must uphold provincial and federal legislation/regulation.  If not, they may be deemed as doing something ultra vires – beyond their authority. 

Do the property tax payers of Ontario want our municipalities to uphold the law and work in the resident’s best interest, or do we want to be caught in an on-going mess?  That is for you and your elected officials to decide, but if you have received your tax notice without the above information, perhaps you might want to contact your Council members and demand better.


Elizabeth F. Marshall,
President – All Rights Research Ltd.,
Director of Research – Ontario Landowners Association
Past Chair – Canadian Justice Review Board
Legislative/Legal Researcher – Lawyers, MPs, MPPs, Municipal Officials


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