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Agree to Disagree – Don’t judge. Yes, I have 1500 facebook friends. Here’s why.

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First off, calling the relationships we have on Facebook “friendships”, at least in my case, would be grossly misleading.

We all use Facebook for different reasons. Some of us limit their interactions to people they physically know in the real world, with whom they have a real relationship. It’s a way for them to keep in touch, glance into one another’s lives, see the kids grow, talk to family members, etc… It is a great tool to stay linked to their existing circle and probably the manner in which most of us should use the social network–staying away from strangers, deepening existing connections and keeping in touch with far-away friends and family members.

But Facebook being a Social Media Network, some of us use it to become more social and, as a media outlet to broadcast our “stuff”.

Here is why I choose to have many friends on Facebook. No, it’s not because it makes me feel like I’m better than others or because I need it to feel worthy. I’m not full of myself. I don’t get defined by the amount of likes or comments I get on any given post. I don’t go into a depression if someone chooses to unfriend me. No. It’s all about reach.

I am, whether you agree or not, somewhat of a public figure. I am also somewhat of a lobbyist. I speak loud and clear about issues that I care about such as racism, sexism, injustice and politics. I try to raise awareness to people and situations via this newspaper, as well as in person, but these pages have a limited audience where Facebook, and the internet, knows no bound. What better way to touch the world than through my friends and my friends’ friends?

I know, some will say I should limit my promoting to a business page or a group but with all due respect, from experience, the reach I get on my personal page vs what I get on my business page or group is incomparable.

Let’s take for example our new video segment, the “Seeker Chicks’ Find of the Week” . Since last Friday, when posted on our page, the segment has received 68 views. When posted on my personal page? Any guesses? 470.

That segment features small business owners whom, I feel, everyone would benefit from knowing, so why should I limit the reach I give them?

Not all situations are like mine. I am my product and my product is me, therefore, my reach goes far beyond the 1500 friends I have when I post. That matters when trying to spread the word about all the wonderful events, good news stories and noteworthy people Cornwall is home to.

I apologize if in the process, my real friends feel ignored or left out, It really isn’t intentional. Just know that an email or a phone call may be the better option if you are trying to reach me on a more personal level. 

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