Local comedian Mark Vincent to open for Mike MacDonald

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Mark Vincent to open for comedian Mike MacDonald

Cornwall Ontario — Comedians will hit the stage on Saturday March 29th at City Limits in Cornwall in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

The show features The King of Canadian Comedy Mike MacDonald who has been on Just for Laughs and the David Letterman show. Also performing is two time Canadian Comedy Award Nominee Josh Williams, and CTV’s Comedy Now and CBC’s debater Mike Beatty.

Local comedian Mark Vincent will also be performoing stand-up that night. Vincent first did stand-up in Edmonton, and started doing it again when he returned to Cornwall. “I really got into it a year ago when I was asked to host a charity Yuk Yuks event, it wasn’t pretty, but I got the bug. It was an addiction I had to keep getting back on stage”.

Mark Vincent knows The King of Canadian Comedy first hand. The first time Mark Vincent spoke to Mike MacDonald was over the phone about another event. “I was pretty nervous when I called him. I felt like I was in high school calling a girl for the first time. We actually talked about doing a show for mental health together then, that was back in October”.

The King of Canadian Comedy is down to earth according to Vincent.

“I remember thinking how down to earth he was talking to me as a fellow comic, even though he’s a legend, he’s Mike MacDonald”.

Mark Vincent is very excited about performing on March 29th at City Limits.

“This is the first professional show I get to work with him. I’m excited for the show, he’s an icon. To get to share a stage with him here at home, and to raise money for a great cause is simply awesome”, explains Vincent.

The show is being organized by a group of St. Lawrence College Social Service workers. It will be a great night of laughter! The goal of this event is to raise awareness and help support the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Doors open at 7pm and showtime is at 8pm.

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