Sunday, June 23, 2024

Seekers Choice Awards

Join us in helping

Local Seeker Media Group invites you to participate in our annual Seekers Choice Awards Fundraiser. Our charity of choice this year is The Heart & Stroke Foundation.

On June 9, at the Royal Canadian AFA, we will proudly recognize artists and individuals of our community who have excelled over the last year in their respective disciplines by presenting them with an award. Awards are given to a home business, a new business, an existing business, a woman in business, a musical or performing artist, a visual artist, and a literary artist and also a volunteer, an athlete and our columnist of the year.


The funding for The Seekers Choice Awards Fundraiser comes solely from corporate and individual sponsors, such as yourself.

We are extremely thankful for all our sponsors and hope that you will consider supporting this wonderful event this year.

We also run a live online and onsite silent auction the night of the event.  100% of the proceeds of this auction go to the charity.

You can also support this event simply by attending!  It’s a wonderful evening filled with glitz and glamour, food and dancing.  Give us a try, we’ll treat you like royalty!


Thank you for your generosity!

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