Stephen Burke

Alternatives to Windows 10

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Cornwall Ontario – Last week I addressed the upgrade to Windows 10. I have also suggested that some people may wish to purchase Apple computers, to avoid what Microsoft is doing. While I have not suggested Linux, that is also an option if you don’t want Windows 10.  But there is an alternative solution, one that doesn’t require any action at all.

If you already have a computer that is using a previous version of Windows, and it is 2 to 5 years old, just keep using what you have. Support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 won’t end for a while yet, and if everything is working for you, just stay with it.  If you have an older computer, over 5 years old, or you are planning a computer purchase soon, well, the new computer will likely have Windows 10 installed anyway.

So there you have it. A “do nothing” solution.  It is likely the easiest, least problematic way of ensuring that your computer keeps doing what you want it to do.

In keeping with the “do nothing” theme, try to get away from the tech this weekend. Enjoy the wonderful summer weather.  Turn off the high tech gadgets and socialize.

Have fun! Happy Canada Day!